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Founded in 2002, Raptor is driven by our mission to protect every child, every school, every day.

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District Stops 7 Sex Offenders in One Year from Entering Campus

Previously, front desk staff had to review the list each time a visitor checked in, meaning they had no way to effectively check an up-to-date database of the sex offender registries.

With Raptor Visitor Management, the district screened over 23,000 visitors, and seven sex offenders were stopped while attempting to enter their schools in one school year. At one high school, front desk staff scanned in four people who were flagged, but the Raptor system’s false positive identification process allowed staff to quickly determine that the people were not a true match, a process that was previously difficult to determine based on emailed lists of offenders.

Sex Offenders Stopped From Entering District Schools
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Visitors Screened at Front Desk in One Year

"The support from installation to full implementation was unbelievable. Any questions or problems we ran across were addressed immediately and explained thoroughly to ensure every stakeholder knew how to operate the system."

Coordinator of Safety, Security & Emergency Services