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Creating Consistency and Fidelity in Your Program

Behavioral Threat Assessment BTA Team Training

Raptor BTA Team Training gives your teams critical foundational information on the specific methodology as well as hands-on practice to help ensure they can conduct assessments with fidelity. Conducted by BTA methodology experts, training programs are delivered in-person or live online and are highly engaging one-day sessions.

The primary objectives are to bring each team member to the same level of practical knowledge and achieve a high degree of threat classification accuracy so they can contribute as part of a multi-disciplinary team.

Improve Student Outcomes and School Climate

BTA Team Training builds confidence in your team to align properly with policies, procedures, and regulations. This helps ensure your BTA program is conducted with fidelity and provides an unbiased approach to helping students move off a pathway of violence. With effective training, teams can focus on what’s best for the student while improving overall student outcomes and school climate. 

  • Eliminate overreacting and underreacting  
  • Build team confidence  
  • Keep students on a safer path 
Improve Student Outcomes

BTA Team Training Options

Dr Cornell

Comprehensive School Threat Assessment Guidelines – CSTAG Team Training

Dr. Cornell is a forensic clinical psychologist and professor of education at the School of Education and Human Development at the University of Virginia. He is the principal author of the evidence-based school threat assessment model known as Comprehensive School Threat Assessment Guidelines.

Dr. Cornell has officially reviewed and certified StudentSafe to accurately depict the CSTAG workflow, thus ensuring your team’s consistency and fidelity of the process.

He and his team of qualified trainers conduct highly engaging sessions designed to help teams reach a common standard of knowledge and accuracy and work in a collaborative way to help students find a safer path.

Dr Randazzo

National Threat Assessment Center – NTAC Team Training

Dr. Marisa Randazzo is the Executive Director of Threat Management at Ontic. She leads strategic consulting and services to support the development of threat assessment protocols. Previously, she led SIGMA Threat Management Associates LLC as the Chief Executive Officer and Founder. 

Dr. Randazzo served for ten years with the U.S. Secret Service, most recently as the agency’s Chief Research Psychologist. Among her various responsibilities, she co-directed the Safe School Initiative, the landmark federal study of school shootings conducted jointly by the U.S. Secret Service and U.S. Department of Education. Her team of equally qualified experts lead interactive and information sessions giving BTA teams the knowledge and confidence to support a safe school environment. 

Training Approach

Duration: 8 hours  |  Type: Live, interactive training  |  Style: In-person or virtual

Part 1 – Methodology Fundamentals 

  • Behavioral Threat Assessment Overview
  • Building Your BTA Program
  • Case Studies
  • Information Sharing

Part 2 – Collaborative Teamwork 

  • Forms and Processes
  • Team Practice of Model Application
  • Case Management
  • Resources

*Agenda is representative and varies based on the methodology

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