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Childcare and Preschools

Prioritizing the Wellbeing of Our Youngest Learners

Childcare and Preschools

Creating a Safe and Nurturing Environment for Preschoolers

Preschool is a crucial stage of a child’s development, and ensuring their safety is of utmost importance. Parents seeking the best preschool for their children are increasingly considering safety measures alongside educational quality. Preschool administrators must understand the unique safety challenges faced by early childhood settings and implement effective strategies to create secure environments and provide peace of mind for families.

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Essential Safety Measure for Preschools and Childcare

  • Provides peace of mind to your local school community
  • Eligible under almost all local, state, and federal safety funding grants
  • Easy to deploy, with experienced, professional implementation teams from Raptor 
  • Eliminates the need for manual check-ins and visitor screenings, making it a quick and simple process with minimal stress on front office staff 
  • Building-wide view of visitors and contractors who enter and exit your buildings 
  • Unlimited screening against sex offenders and custom registries, including custody arrangements 
  • Configurable badges show exactly why a visitor is there and where they should be 
  • Central point for your school volunteers to provide background check information 
  • System allows volunteers to pay for their background checks ultimately saving the school money 
  • Automated application process lessens the workload of a Volunteer Coordinator and allows for a scalable volunteer program 
  • Initiate drills the same way you would an active emergency, giving staff opportunities to gain confidence in the process
  • Help lessen the chaos of a real emergency through practice and repetition
  • Keep track of drill schedules and completed drills for state and federal compliance
  • Communicate and request help for any type/size incident or emergency with designated response teams
  • Silent panic alert technology that can communicate broadly with little effort
  • Cloud-based software lets you use the devices you already have in your schools
  • Staff can indicate their status and location as well as for students and visitors
  • Real-time dashboards during an emergency show the status and location of students and staff (safe, injured, missing, or absent) to prioritize your resources and speed communications
  • Help lessen the chaotic nature of an emergency by keeping real-time statuses of staff and students
  • Be ready to reunite families following any crisis and provide quick resolution for anxious parents
  • Clear, specific roles to help ensure an efficient reunification process and help lessen the chaotic nature of reunification
  • Since pickup and drop-off are scattered, alerts when guardian vehicles drive on campus, provide helpful notice to teachers and staff
  • Provide real-time updates on carline pickup and keep visibility on the status of students as they leave

Resources to Help Improve Youth Program Safety

Best Practices for Community Centers and After-School Programs

Community centers encounter distinct challenges in managing and monitoring their guests and volunteers. With a large number of individuals visiting weekly for various purposes, ensuring their non-threatening nature to the center and its occupants is crucial.

How 3 YMCAs Uphold Their Promise to be a Safe Place for Families

This 3-part case study focuses on three YMCAs: Treasure Valley Family YMCA in Idaho, Gateway Region YMCA in Missouri and YMCA of Greater Brandywine Valley in Pennsylvania

Summit Area YMCA Steps Up Security

The Raptor System’s instant screening program allows Summit Area YMCA staff to better protect members and guests from unwanted visitors. Raptor’s instant screening program allows Summit Area YMCA staff to better protect members and guests from unwanted visitors, namely sexual offenders.

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