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Fully integrated school safety software built to protect schools from any threat

Raptor school safety software

Raptor School Safety Suite

Raptor software was built to help schools manage every stage of safety. From approving all entrants, managing volunteers, and confidently responding to any emergency—all in one, user-friendly integrated suite.

Visitor Management System

Confirm each visitor is safe and know precisely who is in your schools with Raptor Visitor Management.

Emergency Management

Emergency Management System

Prepare for, respond to, and recover from any emergency with Raptor Emergency Management.

Volunteer Management System

Screen, track, and manage volunteers with Raptor Volunteer Management.

One User-Friendly Suite

School Safety is Our Only Priority

Raptor is driven by our mission to protect every child, every school, every day. Our team is passionate about school safety and staying on the cutting edge of innovative school safety software. Raptor is a trusted safety advocate and partner to over 35,000 K-12 U.S. schools and maintains a 98% annual customer retention rate.

Raptor provides integrated visitor, volunteer, and emergency management software that is solely built to protect schools from any threat.

Connecting the Safety Dots

Implementation & Support

An essential step in deploying safety systems for schools is the successful implementation of your new software. Raptor provides guided, flexible implementation that is focused on your success. Our process is based on best practices from over 18 years of experience implementing our trusted solutions at more than 35,000 K-12 schools.

Connecting the Safety Dots

Just as you partner with your community for a holistic safety approach, Raptor partners with other world-class providers to give you an ecosystem of school safety.

Raptor connects with your School Information System for tardy tracking, custody/guardianship alerting, and student and staff accountability during emergencies
Our visitor and volunteer management solutions connect to leading providers for sex offender data and background checks

Raptor Alert directly integrates with your closest 911 PSAP while delivering rich data, like CRG maps and SIS data, to first responders through partners like RapidSOS.

Raptor Alert integrates with Mutualink to connect video and voice so any public safety agency can talk to and share information with partners on demand

Join the Raptor Community of Over 35,000 K-12 Schools

Raptor works with everyone from single school buildings, to private and charter schools, to the nation’s largest school districts. No matter your size, location, or resource availability, Raptor is partnered with countless schools just like yours.

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“Raptor was the only solution that met all our needs!”
Frank Kitzerow
Retired Chief of Police