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Safety and security in our nation’s schools is front-page news. Tragic incidents in schools in every region of the country have highlighted the need to provide safeguards for the protection of students, teachers, and staff. At Raptor Technologies, our mission is to protect every child, every school, every day.

Since 2002, Raptor has pioneered many of the most effective school safety technologies in the country. The Raptor System is trusted by more K-12 schools than every other system in the country combined. Over the years, Raptor has continued to lead the way by expanding into innovative new applications backed by our unrivaled customer service.

Raptor Technologies provides integrated school safety technologies to schools across the nation – from individual campuses to the top ten largest districts in America. By listening to our clients, Raptor has developed an integrated and comprehensive set of tools for Visitor Management, Volunteer Management, and Emergency Management. Our solutions help our clients protect their students like never before. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a free demonstration.

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Raptor Technologies is trusted to protect more K-12 schools than all other systems combined.

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