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Schools and districts using our ecosystem of school safety software experience significant impact on overall student wellbeing, emergency preparedness, streamlined communication, and collaboration. But don’t just take our word for it, read our customers’ stories to learn how our solutions are transforming their school safety.

“When we purchased Raptor Emergency Management, we knew the product adopted and used the SRP and SRM, but we did not completely realize the tremendous benefit this would have on our recovery efforts. Utilizing Raptor Reunification has expedited our recovery efforts by simultaneously speeding up our reunification process and improving our overall student accountability. Accounting for every student is paramount and the ability to do this electronically and monitor it remotely from our emergency operations center is critical.”
Mike Newton, Director of Safety and Security
Elizabeth School District, CO

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How Raptor Helps Elizabeth School District Improve Reunification Efficiency

Elizabeth School District is a public school district in Elizabeth, Colorado that serves 2,412 students across five schools.
Raptor’s patented Reunification technology provides the district with the workflow needed for Elizabeth School District to efficiently manage the process of reuniting students with their guardians during emergencies. Raptor Reunification ensures a proper chain of custody, streamlines the reunification process through distinct roles and a user-friendly app, and enables quick and organized reunions, minimizing chaos and alleviating stress and chaos.

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