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Quickly and safely reunify students and their guardians

Quickly and safely reunify students and their guardians ​

Confidently Release Students

Connected to your student information system, Raptor helps ensure students are only reunified with approved guardians.

  • Raptor helps reunifiers confirm the guardian’s identity, check for sex offender status and custodial restrictions, and record their signature at reunification.
  • Software automatically sends alerts to the student’s other guardians upon successful reunification to help streamline the process by reducing any additional people waiting in holding areas.
  • Raptor is 100% aligned with the Standard Reunification Method from The “I Love U Guys” Foundation and allows for the creation of designated roles and responsibilities for the reunification process.
Eugene School District Partners with Raptor and The “I Love U Guys” Foundation for reunification drill.

Reduce Trauma with Practice

Recovery starts when the crisis begins. Minimizing trauma is directly correlated to a safe, efficient reunification. Raptor Reunification software includes a patented reunification workflow aligned with and officially licensed by The “I Love U Guys” Foundation. This means the methodology you adopt for your reunification plan and the technology you use to practice and run a reunification are the same, resulting in reduced chaos and swift and safe reunions.

What Our Customers Say

Raptor and The “I Love U Guys” Foundation Together Reunification Exercise

Now districts can maximize their safety training efforts with the Together Reunification Exercise (T-REx) training program, which combines the expertise of the creators of the Standard Reunification Method with the patented Raptor Reunification technology. This joint training, including specialists from both Raptor and The “I Love U Guys” Foundation, is specifically designed to equip schools with the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully carry out accountable reunifications.
The Ultimate Reunification Training Program for K12 Schools
real-time insights

Real-Time Insights

Raptor dashboards update in real-time during emergencies and automatically create summary reports with a detailed history of the entire response for better after-incident debriefs.

Practice Makes Perfect

Raptor’s implementation experts work closely with your district to build a customized implementation plan and train your staff, public safety officials, and end-users, often resulting in a live-community-wide reunification event. 

Watch how Raptor collaborated with school and city staff for a parent-student reunification exercise at Midlothian ISD (TX).
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