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PAYK12 District-Wide Single Payment Solution

PAYK12 District-Wide Single Payment Solution


Reduce Risk and Improve Efficiency in School Payments

PayK12 is a cloud-based software platform that provides districts, schools, and the departments within, one digital hub for managing school payments and funds.

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Simplify and Enhance Your School Events

With the PayK12 Marketplace, effortlessly manage your Event Box Office including ticket sales, reserved seating, season passes, spirit wear and merchandise sales, point-of-sale transactions and more. Ideal for athletics, dances, theater productions, concerts, dances and other activities.

The secure online payment portal provides flexible payment options to generate more revenue and reduce the risks associated with cash and fund management.

Dashboards offer real-time sales data, attendance information, revenue attainment and more, while robust reporting provides deeper analysis and insights.

Customizable Ticket Options

Create and manage various ticket types including general admission, season passes, VIP, student discounts, and more.

Online Ticket Sales

Sell tickets through an intuitive online platform. Accept multiple payment methods, including credit/debit cards and electronic checks.

Digital Passes

Use mobile devices for quick and efficient ticket validation at event entrances and eliminate the need for physical tickets.

Mobile Scanning

Reduce wait times and streamline entry processes, providing a better experience for attendees.

School Spirit

Promote and sell branded merchandise, sports/school supplies, fundraising programs, etc.


Manage in-person transactions quickly, easily and securely while ensuring proper fund management.

Need to Reorder Plastic Season Passes, Fundraising Cards, and Parking Passes? PAYK12 Has You Covered!


The Route to Financial Efficiency, Security and Transparency

With everything in one central software platform, PayK12 makes it easy to collect and process payments across your school(s). Grow mandatory and optional revenue streams, improve the accuracy and efficiency of revenue operations and gain control and insight into your school’s financial health.

Manual handling of payments for tuition, activities, and other fees can lead to errors, delayed payments, and increased administrative workload. PayK12 is your single, cloud-based hub for school system payments.


Simplify Fee

Easily create mandatory and optional fees for seamless payments and accounting.

Automated Payment Collection

Our simple onboarding process allows you to start collecting payments quickly. You will receive your collected funds every 24 hours.


Key metrics provide quick financial insights.

Discover How PAYK12 Can Help Reduce Risk and Improve Efficiency in School Payments.