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RAPTOR Client Success and Training

Helping Ensure Schools Are Prepared for Any Emergency

Client Success and Training
The Ultimate Reunification Training Program for K12 Schools

Raptor and The “I Love U Guys” Foundation Together Reunification Exercise

Combining the expertise of the Standard Reunification Method’s creators with the patented Raptor Reunification technology, the Together Reunification Exercise (T-REx) training program is specifically designed to equip schools with the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully carry out accountable reunifications.


Professional Services for Sustainable Emergency Management

Achieve your district’s goals for compliance and success in your emergency response initiatives with the Compliance and Success Program (CSP). An engagement with Raptor Professional Services team, Raptor CSP professionals provide guidance and hands-on involvement and focuses on drill management, emergency response through Raptor Alert, accountability of staff and students during drills and emergencies, and proper and effective reunification of students and guardians.
Building a Culture of Safety
Improve Student Outcomes

Behavioral Threat Assessment Training ​

Raptor BTA Team Training gives your teams critical foundational information on the specific methodology as well as hands-on practice to help ensure they can conduct assessments with fidelity. Conducted by BTA methodology experts, training programs are delivered in-person or live online and are highly engaging one-day sessions.

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