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Raptor Best Practices

From school safety drills to what to do if Mother Nature strikes, learn best practices to keep your staff and students safe.
Raptor Best Practices

We cannot predict emergencies, but the more your school community is trained to respond, the less chaotic, and more successful your emergency response will be. 

Past school tragedies are reminders of how time equals life, and that we cannot afford even one second of delayed correspondence with responders.

Community centers face unique challenges when it comes to approving and tracking guests and volunteers. there could be hundreds entering the center each week and they all have various reasons for being there.

A successful reunification requires schools to implement tangible plans for each type of reunification, including on-site, off-site, and partial.
Although experts can sometimes predict when severe weather and natural disasters will impact our communities, there are times when advance notice is not received. Schools must be prepared to keep students and staff safe.