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Visitor Management Software for Schools

Screen and Track Everyone Who Enters Your Schools

Visitor Management Software for Schools


Reimagining School Safety

Introducing an exciting lineup of new school safety software products and enhancements.

Eliminate Uncertainty

Know precisely who is in your schools

Gives you the power to decide exactly who is allowed to enter your buildings. 

Keep potential threats out by instantly screening each visitor’s government-issued ID card against the sex offender registries in all 50 states as well as an unlimited number of custom databases. 

Syncs with your SIS to ensure you release students to approved guardians.

When a visitor is flagged, staff can review the visitor’s information side-by-side with the offender’s information immediately while notifications are sent to administrative and security personnel.  

Let your school community know visitors are approved by requiring visitors to wear a badge that shows their role type, name, destination, date and time of entry, and photo. 

Visitor records are accessible to approved school personnel so that you can create accurate district- and school-wide reports. 

What Our Customers Say

See how to extend your visitor check-in process from your front desk to your school entrance


Confidently Release Students and Track Tardiness

Track both tardiness and early dismissals and know that you are releasing students only to approved guardians.

School visitor management system

Sync with SIS

Continuous syncing ensures critical information about students and staff is up to date.

Accurately Track Tardiness

Quickly search by student name or ID number to display their record and mark them tardy. Select from a customized list of reasons and choose whether to print a tardy slip. Receive alerts when a student reaches a defined threshold.

Early Dismissals

Allows approved guardians to check-out students for early dismissal, keeping a record for school administration.

Track Staff Activity

Track staff and district-wide employees for a better record of substitute, staff, and faculty sign-ins.


Manage Visitors with Minimal Staff Assistance

Raptor Kiosks empower schools to streamline and control the visitor sign-in process while maintaining a high level of security.

School visitor management system Kiosk
School visitor management system - All-In-One Raptor Kiosk

All-In-One Raptor Kiosk

Perfect for your school entrance or secure vestibule, this all-in-one Kiosk Station comes complete with a 15.6” touchscreen, built-in 2D barcode scanner, and built-in camera.

School Visitor Management System- Custom Kiosk Solutions

Custom Kiosk Solutions

This option provides districts Raptor Sign-In software for Kiosks on a district-provided device for schools that want to use their own computer or Windows Surface Pro tablet

Screen and Track All Visitors

Visitors scan their IDs, take their photo, and complete the check-in process. Badges print instantly and can be customized to include a bar code for easy check-out.

Real-Time Monitoring

School staff has access to view and monitor kiosk activity from their computer monitors. If there is an offender alert, staff will review the information in the Kiosk Queue on their computers to confirm or reject the match.

Streamlined Options

Leverage the Touchless Sign-In feature to provide visitors the flexibility to move the sign-in experience directly to their mobile devices and streamline the process.

Greet Your Visitors

Customize the “Welcome” screen with your school logo and a message to greet your visitors. On-screen instructions (available in English and Spanish) help visitors easily navigate the check-in process.

Allow Self-Sign-In/Out

Approved students, guardians, campus staff, and district personnel can sign themselves in/out without assistance. All entrants are screened before being cleared by the system.


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