Visitor Management Software for Schools

Screen and track everyone who enters your schools.

Visitor Management Software for Schools

Eliminate Uncertainty

Know precisely who is in your schools

Over 35,000 K-12 schools trust Raptor to screen and track their campus visitors, contractors, and volunteers.

Have full control of who is allowed to enter your building

Screen every visitor against sex offender and custom databases

Syncs with your SIS to ensure you release students to approved guardians

Immediately alert administrative and security personnel if a visitor is identified as a risk

Help staff and students recognize approved individuals with detailed visitor badges

Generate real-time and historical district- and school-level reports


Confidently Respond to COVID-19

With the delta variant driving a surge in new COVID-19 cases, you can keep students, staff, and visitors with exposure risk out of your buildings and promptly facilitate contact tracing.

Visitor Management - COVID Screening

On-site Health Screening

Add custom health screening questions to your check-in procedure and receive immediate notification if someone deemed a risk attempts to sign in.

Contact Tracing

Automatically record entrant data, including sign-in/out times and authorized location, to assist with contact tracing efforts.


Confidently Release Students and Track Tardies

Track both tardies and early dismissals, and know that you are releasing students to only approved guardians.

Visitor Management - Students and Staff

Sync with SIS

Sync with your student information system for student, staff, and guardian data.

Accurately Track Tardies

Quickly mark late students tardy, add a custom reason why, and print a tardy slip. Write back daily attendance to PowerSchool attendance tables.

Early Dismissals

Confidently release students by screening anyone attempting to sign out a student for sex offender status and custodial restrictions.

Track Staff Activity

Track staff and district-wide employees for a better record of substitute, staff, and faculty sign-ins.


Manage Visitors with Minimal Staff Assistance

Raptor Kiosks empower you to control your visitor sign-in experience while extending the check-in process from your front desk to your school entrance.

Visitor Management - Raptor Kiosks
Visitor Management - All-In-One Raptor Kiosk

All-In-One Raptor Kiosk

Perfect for your school entrance or secure vestibule, this all-in-one Kiosk Station comes complete with a 15.6” touchscreen, built-in 2D barcode scanner, and built-in camera.

School Visitor Management System- Custom Kiosk Solutions

Custom Kiosk Solutions

For schools that want to use their own computer or Windows Surface Pro tablet, this option provides districts Raptor Contactless Sign-In software for Kiosks on a district-provided device.

Screen and Track All Visitors

Visitors scan their IDs, take their photo, and complete the check-in process. Badges print instantly and can be customized to include a bar code for easy check-out.

Greet Your Visitors

Customize the “Welcome” screen with your school logo and a message to greet your visitors. On-screen instructions (available in English and Spanish) help visitors easily navigate the check-in process.

Allow Self-Sign-In/Out

Approved students, guardians, campus staff, and district personnel can sign themselves in/out without assistance. All entrants are screened before being cleared by the system.

See how to extend your visitor check-in process from your front desk to your school entrance

Stories & Testimonials

Hear what some of our happy customers have to say.

School District Flags More Than Two Dozen Potentially Threatening Intruders

With the Raptor system, the district has successfully identified at least two dozen threatening individuals attempting to enter its schools, including several registered sex offenders and, more commonly, people attempting to violate restraining orders or flagged as dismissed former employees.

Sex Offenders Stopped From Entering District Schools
Threatening Intruders Flagged in District
“Raptor gives our front office personnel an advantage in dealing with potentially dangerous visitors. Having the information built into the system makes a big difference. No more searching in a filing cabinet or trying to compare an unclear log entry to a printed, possibly out-of-date list. The badge stickers with the visitor’s picture—taken right from their driver’s license—are another big advantage. Students, teachers, and other staff members now have assurance that it’s OK for the visitor to be there."
Alhambra USD logo
Michael Barbara
Safety Coordinator
Alhambra (CA) USD

Frequently Asked Questions

A visitor management system is an online tool that both registers and screens every campus visitor, volunteer, and contractor so that school officials know precisely who is entering their buildings. The best visitor management systems screen each visitor’s state-issued ID against sex offender databases and locally customized lists of banned or potentially threatening individuals, instantly alert school officials to a threatening presence, and maintain a searchable log of all visitors.

No, Raptor Visitor Management does not perform criminal background checks. The Raptor system uses the visitor’s first name, last name, and date of birth that is captured with the ID scan to check only against:

  • Registered sex offender databases in all 50 U.S. states.
  • Any alerts from custom databases set up by the school or district containing information including custody orders, expelled students, dismissed school or district employees, etc.

In the event that a visitor has no scan-able form of ID, the Raptor system allows for the manual entry of information (first name, last name, and date of birth) for screening purposes. Only the minimum data needed to accurately identify an entrant is collected (i.e., no address information, no Social Security number, no physical characteristics data—hair color, eye color, weight—is ever captured). No other data is collected from the ID, and a photocopy of the ID is not retained.

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Frank Kitzerow
Retired Chief of Police