Screen and track everyone who enters your schools

Visitor Management Key Benefits

  • Screen every visitor, including contractors, guardians, and volunteers, instantly against the most reliable and up-to-date U.S. sex offender databases in all 50 states.
  • Check visitors against custom school or district databases which can contain custodial restrictions and/or banned visitors.
  • Immediately alert administrative and security personnel should a visitor be identified as a risk.
  • Print badges with the approved visitor’s photo, name, date, time of entry, the building name, and visitor’s destination.
  • Generate accurate, reliable district-wide and school-level reports with a complete sign-in history for every person entering your schools.

COVID-19 Screening and Contact Tracing

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Remote Screening

Daily health screening questionnaire emailed to staff and guardians of each student before they come to school which automatically recommends if he or she should stay home based on provided answers. Results are reported in real-time showing administrators which students and staff members have passed, failed, or did not respond.
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On-Site Health Screening

Add “Yes/No” health screening questions to your student, staff, visitor, contractor, and volunteer check-in procedures. If using the Remote Screening Module, students/staff that did not submit their answers are prompted to complete the on-site screening. Immediately alert personnel should a person be identified as a risk.
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Contact Tracing

Facilitate contact tracing with a comprehensive report that shows entry details of all persons across your campuses, including sign-in/sign-out times and authorized location. The report can quickly be retrieved and shared with health officials and others to assist with contact tracing efforts.

Student and Staff Modules

Sync With Your Student Information System (SIS) 
Raptor syncs information from your SIS every two hours to ensure your data is always updated with your latest student, staff, and guardian data. For PowerSchool customers, Raptor writebacks daily attendance to your PowerSchool attendance tables.

Visitor Management - Sync with your SIS
Student Sign In

Accurately Track Tardies
When a student is late, quickly mark them tardy, add a custom reason why, and print a tardy slip. When a student accumulates a certain number of tardies—a number you can set—a Tardy Alert is displayed, letting you choose what action should be taken, such as notifying guardians or assigning detention. Customize and print detention slips at the click of a button. 

Early Dismissals
Raptor instantly screens anyone attempting to sign -out a student against the sex offender registry in all 50 states and any locally customized databases, including custody databases, every time they sign out a student so you can be confident that you only release students to approved guardians. Quickly print early dismissal slips.

Early Dismissals - Student Sign-out
Visitor Management - Track Staff Activity

Track Staff Activity
Campus staff and district-wide employees, like IT and maintenance personnel, can sign in on the Raptor system, enabling you to track and record staff reporting times, substitute teacher sign-ins, and district-wide faculty sign-ins.

Self-Service Kiosks

Covid-19 Visitor Self Screening
  • Enable visitors, contractors, and volunteers to sign in with minimal or no staff assistance, facilitating contactless check-in.
  • The visitor scans his or her ID with the built-in scanner, takes their photo with the built-in webcam, and completes the check-in process on the kiosk, which includes selecting their destination and entering responses to optional custom COVID-19-related health questions.
  • Photo badges print instantly following visitor clearance and can be set up to pick up at the front desk.
  • Visitors can check out of the system by returning to the Raptor Kiosk and scanning the badge’s barcode with the 2D Scanner or rescanning their ID to check-out.
Covid-19 Visitor Self Screening
  • Students and staff can be prompted to take a COVID-19 health screening through a kiosk. If using the Remote Screening Module, students/staff that did not submit their remote screening questionnaire are prompted to complete the on-site health screening.
  • Approved students and guardians can use a kiosk to quickly check-out. Students simply scan their IDs, while guardians use the Quick Find feature to find the student record. Guardians are instantly checked against the databases before check-out.
  • Campus staff and district personnel can sign-in/sign-out through a self-service kiosk.
Covid-19 Visitor Self Screening
  • Mobile Tablet Kiosk – Easily take this tablet-based kiosk with you wherever you need to greet and screen visitors, such as your gymnasium, auditorium, or other Wi-Fi-supported locations.
  • Fixed Kiosk – Perfect for your school entrance or secure vestibule, this 22” touchscreen kiosk comes with either a sturdy desktop stand or a wall-mounting option.
  • Build Your Own – For schools that want to use their own computer, this option lets districts employ the kiosk software on a district-provided computer or tablet.


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Raptor offers the only integrated school safety software system on the market.
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The Raptor Difference

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Raptor Visitor Management System​

What Raptor Customers Are Saying

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"Before we implemented the Raptor system we used sign-in sheets for visitors, but now with Raptor we feel much more secure in our screening process."

Darryl S., Lincoln Country TN Schools

"We used sign-in sheets in all our sites, many times the signatures were illegible. The Raptor system is computerized so our records are clean. Plus, it requires proof of ID."

Gina D., Cave Creek AZ Unified School District

"Custody issues and legal orders are more and more common. Raptor notifies us of those situations instantly, and that helps us keep it all under control."

Brenda R., Austin (TX) ISD
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Frequently Asked Questions​

A visitor management system is an online tool that both registers and screens every campus visitor, volunteer, and contractor so that school officials know precisely who is entering their buildings.

The best visitor management systems screen each visitor’s state-issued ID against sex offender databases and locally customized lists of banned or potentially threatening individuals, instantly alert school officials to a threatening presence, and maintain a searchable log of all visitors.

Visitor management software features include:
  • Instant screening against sex offender, custody, and other customized databases.
  • Accurate, reliable, searchable visitor recordkeeping.
  • Easy-to-use districtwide or individual school visitor report creation.
No, Raptor Visitor Management does not perform criminal background checks. The Raptor system uses the visitor’s first name, last name, and date of birth that is captured with the ID scan to check only against:

  • Registered sex offender databases in all 50 U.S. states.
  • Any alerts from custom databases set up by the school or district containing information including custody orders, expelled students, dismissed school or district employees, etc.
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