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Protecting students and teachers when stepping into school is our #1 priority. On School Safety Today, a podcast from Raptor Technologies, we’ll bring you the technologies and leadership that protects over 35,000 schools across the United States

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Cybersecurity Best Practices: Are Your Vendors Secure?

According to the State of K-12 Cybersecurity: 2020 Year in Review, 377 school districts experienced a record-setting 408 publicly disclosed cybersecurity incidents. Implementation of cybersecurity best practices are critical for making progress in securing the K-12 ecosystem of IT applications and services. The report also recommends districts devote resources to vetting the security policies and practices of all their vendors.

Join our next episode of School Safety Today to hear from Raptor’s Chief Product Officer, Chris Noell, on what it means to have best-in-class IT security requirements to reduce the likelihood of new and dangerous breaches occurring to your critical student and staff data.

Recent Episodes

Michele Gay
Listen in to hear Michele Gay, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Safe and Sounds Schools dive into the key findings of the national State of School Safety Report and explore how schools can improve communications and perceptions within the community.
Dr. Paula Love
Tune in with Dr. Paula Love, known as the Funding Doctor, as she helps steer listeners through the maze of available funds and how to access those funds to keep your schools safe.
Chief Frank Kitzerow
Hear Frank Kitzerow, Retired Chief of Police for Palm Beach County School District discuss what school district leaders should be doing now to better prepare themselves for school emergencies and the resources available to assist school personnel before, during, and after a significant event.
Chief Miller/Dr. Poland

Listen in with Dr. Scott Poland and Retired Dallas ISD Police Department Chief of Police Craig Miller as they address the impacts of the pandemic on student mental health and preparing for potential school violence and emergencies in the new school year.

Paul Timm

Tune in with Paul Timm, board-certified Physical Security Professional (PSP) and nationally acclaimed school safety expert to learn what schools should be addressing now before reopening, which types of new security technologies should be utilized and how emergency preparedness has changed.