Emergency Management System for Schools

Prepare for, respond to, and recover from any emergency

Emergency Management System Key Benefits

Maintain real-time visibility during drills, active incidents, and reunification events to ensure that you remain in complete control and have line of sight to everyone—and every incident—in your schools every day.

Be confident teachers, staff, and first responders are following your safety response procedures and speaking the same language during an emergency.
Ensure you have critical student, staff, and guardian data necessary to accurately account for everyone on campus and reunify students with only approved guardians.
The cloud-based system can be used on any web-enabled device and is designed to work in duress with simple navigation, easy workflows, and an intuitive interface.
Upload, organize, and display building maps, protocol procedures, and emergency operations plans (EOPs) on any web-enabled device. Provide first responders and school personnel 24/7 easy access via the mobile app.
Ensure compliance with “Alyssa’s Law” legislation that requires public schools and charter schools to have silent panic alert systems that link directly to first responder and law enforcement agencies.
Use your Microsoft® Active Directory™ credentials to access any Raptor solution, creating a single point for user authentication and authorization. 
A mission partner of The “I Love U Guys” Foundation®, Raptor is the only provider that offers 100% alignment with the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) and Standard Reunification Method (SRM).
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Emergency Management System

Raptor Drill Manager®

Ensure your schools never miss a drill

Raptor Drill Manager enables you to analyze drill performance, improve your protocols, and create muscle memory for a real-life emergency. This means your teachers, students, and staff will be better prepared to confidently respond and keep everyone safe when an actual crisis occurs.

Raptor Drill Management Dashboard

Create and Schedule

Districts publish drill requirements in minutes so school administrators can easily schedule drills.  

Raptor Emergency Management Alert

Conduct and Manage

Schools can initiate drills directly from any mobile or web-enabled device.  

Raptor Drill Management Reporting

Track and Report

Highly visual dashboards allow administrators to scan drill status quickly for every building, drill type, and compliance status.   

RAptor Drill Manager Reports=ing

Learn and Improve

Robust reports are quickly accessible giving you reliable data to see what is working and areas of improvement.

Raptor® Alert

Get help now!​

Raptor Alert, a mobile panic alert and school emergency notification system, expedites awareness and response to localized incidents and school- or district-wide emergencies with the touch of a button.

Designed to work under duress, the Raptor Alert school panic button has biometric login and intuitive navigation, minimizing your district’s response time to alert first responder agencies and ensure real-time coordination.  

Alerts are immediately delivered to a custom list of recipients, across text message, email, voice call, and push notification. Alert content is fully customizable, driven by your district’s Emergency Management Policy, allowing you to craft the exact message you want communicated.
Connect directly to 9-1-1, first responders, and other personnel and stay in touch with all users—including teachers, staff, district administrators, emergency operations centers, and even local agencies—through real-time group messaging that is accessible on any mobile or web-enabled device.

Users can switch between campuses and send notifications based on their locations. If a user initiates the school panic button and their geolocation is determined to be within the bounds of a specific campus zone, mass notifications are sent to everyone on that campus, expediting response time.

Teachers and staff can summon help for localized incidents such as fights, irate parents, medical assistance, and vandalism with Team Assist. Districts can customize the list of situations and recipients across text message, email, voice call, and push notification for each situation type. 

Raptor Accountability™

Gain full visibility within minutes

Raptor Accountability gives you clear, real-time line of sight to the location and status of every student, staff member, and visitor within minutes of an incident initiation.

Account for

Teachers and staff confirm the status and location of themselves and any student by viewing students by roster or searching by name. When using Raptor Visitor Management, you can also account for all visitors, contractors, and volunteers on campus.

Stay Updated
in Real-Time

Easy-to-read desktop and mobile dashboards update automatically as students, staff, and visitor data comes in, giving full visibility to the current location and condition of everyone who is in the building.

Assist Injured Persons Faster

First responders can see data on all students, staff, and visitors marked injured through the Accountability Dashboard, including information on location, status, medical conditions and allergies, and guardian contact information.
Raptor Reunification®

Reunify students with approved guardians 4 times faster

Raptor Reunification dramatically increases your speed, accuracy, and efficiency. In timed comparison trials, Raptor Reunification proved 4 times faster than paper-and-pencil based reunification methods.
Track every individual’s status changes in real time. Your reunification team can see this data for every student, staff, and visitor during reunification. Generate a detailed history of events for each individual for post-incident reporting and debriefing.
Ensure students are only reunified with approved guardians. Scan a guardian’s ID to check for sex offender status or custodial restrictions. Record approved guardian signature and timestamp data for each reunification.
Dramatically cut reunification time by replacing handwritten processes with instant mobile communications and record-keeping.
Raptor Alert Reunification

Support for COVID-19 Response

Raptor Emergency Management clients are innovating, using their Emergency Management Software to help with new needs brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.
Manage Resource Distribution
Use Raptor Reunification to manage, track, and record resource distribution to students. Aligns with The “I Love U Guys” Foundation’s BETA Standard Distribution Method (BETA SDM).
Efficiently Manage and Report on Cleaning Services Use Drill Manager to publish cleaning requirements so school admin can quickly schedule services in compliance with district mandates. Send automatic notifications and run status reports.

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