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Emergency Management Software for Schools
K-12 Emergency Management


Be Ready for Any Emergency

Protect your students and staff and be in complete control during drills, active incidents, and reunifications


Manage and Track Your Drills

Track all your drills and eliminate compliance risks

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Create and Schedule

Schedule drills and track compliance based on district requirements.

Conduct and Manage

Receive automatic notifications before upcoming drills and initiate drills from any mobile or web-enabled device.

Track and Report

Quickly verify each building’s drill activity and compliance.

Learn and Improve

Analyze reports to see what is working and where you need to improve performance.

Raptor Alert Silent Panic Alert System


Connect to First Responders

Initiate a mobile panic alert to instantly request help

Request the right help for any sized incident from wherever you are on campus.

Situation-specific notifications are sent via text, phone, email, desktop notifications, and push notification. Push notifications show and play audio even if the phone is in silent/do not disturb mode to help inform your staff an incident is taking place.
Raptor automatically sends your name, callback number, precise location within the school, and other details to dispatchers when you call 911. Directly text 911 when you need to be discreet and can’t make a phone call.

Seamlessly switch between campuses without worrying about reconfiguring your panic button.

Summon help for localized incidents such as fights, medical assistance, and vandalism with Team Assist.

Stay in touch with all users through real-time group messaging. Incident commanders and responders have a private channel, whereas all users have access to a district/school-wide channel. 

Raptor Alert Silent Panic Alert


Account for the Location and Status of Everyone​

Emergency Management System for Schools - Raptor Accountability

Account for

Teachers and staff confirm the status and location of themselves, students, and—if using Raptor Visitor Management—visitors on campus."

Emergency Management System for Schools - Raptor Accountability

Stay Updated in Real-Time

Know precisely where and how each student, staff member, and visitor is in real-time.

Emergency Management System for Schools - Raptor Accountability

Assist Injured Persons Faster

Enable first responders to know where they’re needed most by giving them access to the details, medical conditions, and locations for all individuals.


Reunify Students Safely With Their Guardians

School Emergency Management Software - Raptor Reunification
School Emergency Management System - Raptor Reunification

Document Every Individual's Status

Track every individual's status change and generate a detailed history of events for post-incident reporting.

School Emergency Management System - Raptor Reunification

Eliminate Inaccuracy & Reduce Liability

Ensure students are only reunified with approved guardians and record guardian signature and timestamp for each reunification.

Emergency Management System for Schools - Raptor Reunification

Reduce Reunification

Replace handwritten processes with instant mobile communications and record-keeping.

Emergency Management Software for Schools - Mental Health


Responding to the Pandemic’s Impacts on Mental Health

Experts warn that we will see an increase in violent behavior as schools reopen and students return to the classroom. Students experiencing long-term emotional, behavioral, and psychological effects from the pandemic may be defiant and aggressive. Some students may also be in crisis depending on the stressors of their various situations. Schools must be prepared for student mental health crises.

Emergency Management Software for Schools - Reunification

Manage Resource

Manage, track, and record resource and meal distribution with Raptor Reunification.

Emergency Management Software for Schools -Drill Manager

Efficiently Manage and Report on Cleaning Services

Streamline disinfecting/cleaning scheduling and compliance with Raptor Drill Manager.

Raptor® Connect

Activate All Your Safety Technologies From a Single Point

Raptor Connect gives you the power to initiate multiple emergency response mechanisms from one point. The open API enables native, bi-directional integration with a school’s digital security systems. An ecosystem of partners covers a wide range of peripherals helping schools take full advantage of their digital emergency response technologies.

Critical Incident Mapping – the Benefits of a Common Operating Picture 

Collaborative Response Graphics® (CRGs®) from Critical Response Group prepare first responders for more effective command and control when responding to unfamiliar locations and provide school personnel a way to communicate precisely where an incident is happening and where assistance is needed.

Stories & Testimonials

Hear what some of our customers have to say.

District Reduces Reunification Time by 75%

More than 240 participants, including students, parents, school staff, police, fire, EMS, and media, took part in two reunification exercises on the same day for the district.

The first reunification was done using the Raptor system. Every student was reunited with their parent in less than 20 minutes.

The second reunification was conducted with paper-and-pencil forms and walkie-talkie communications. It took nearly an hour and a half to reunify the same parents and students.

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Faster with Raptor
PK-12 Students
“The advantages of the Raptor® system over standard paper-and-pencil processing were obvious,” said Parks. “Simultaneous communications and the ability to give multiple incident leaders updated status reports in an instant — the ability to monitor status without a lot of confusing chatter — plus the accountability: we knew where resources were needed, and the app freed personnel to be shifted appropriately. And of course, the command center could see it all.”
Christopher Parks
Resource Officer, Brighton (MI) High School
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Frank Kitzerow
Retired Chief of Police