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Drill Management

  • Simplify drill scheduling, drill management, and compliance tracking.
  • Conduct and automatically record required drills using the app.
  • View and track drill compliance at the school or district level in the district dashboard.

Active Incident Management

  • Initiate an emergency from your mobile phone or tablet with the touch of a button.
  • Instant emergency notification of first responders
  • Access building maps and emergency procedures.
  • See the status and location of all students and staff members within minutes of an incident.
Screenshot of emergency notification system app on a phone
Screenshot of emergency notification system app performing a parent-student reunification

Parent-Student Reunification

  • Verify every student is accounted for and reunited with an
    approved guardian.
  • Track every individual’s status changes over time, enabling you to have a history of events for each student and staff member.
  • 4X faster than paper-and-pencil based reunification in timed district comparison trials.


Raptor Emergency
Management System Brochure

The Raptor Difference


The Raptor Emergency Management System

Display Cards And To-Go Kits

Accessing existing data during an emergency today means carrying around pre-printed copies and lacking efficient data access when it really matters the most.

Mobile Application Technology

The Raptor mobile app allows teachers to instantly access class rosters to account for their students and seamlessly broadcast data to incident managers. (patents pending).

Stale SIS Data In Emergencies

Schools attempting to utilize existing data systems to account for students and access important SIS data when it is needed is clunky and extremely difficult.

Integrated SIS Student Roster Data

The Raptor Emergency Management system provides automated student data imports from your existing SIS into a format optimized for mobile access.

Disjointed Emergency Plans

Paper-based plans can be difficult to manage and use, not to mention the costs to print and replace every time changes are made.

Mobile Access To Emergency Plans

The Raptor Emergency Management system provides quick and easy access to your school’s incident-specific action plans, facility maps, and emergency procedures.

Scattered Report Management

Verifying and reporting details regarding state-mandated emergency drill performance is difficult and doesn’t allow for insightful incident analysis.

Detailed Incident Reporting

The Raptor Emergency Management system provides detailed post-incident reporting for improving your school’s incident response or for compliance purposes.

Who? What? Where?

Incident managers depend on radio communication to determine where students, staff, and visitors are located.

Real-Time Incident Management

The Raptor mobile app provides real-time reporting dashboards giving incident managers the ability to track status and location of every individual.

Paper-Based Reunification

Paper-based reunification is time-consuming, inefficient, and provides little to no after-incident reporting.

Streamlined Reunification

Streamlines Parent Reunification® by providing mobile guardian validation, reunification processing, and student release tracking.

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