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Mitigating campus risks starts with those who know the school and its community best.

Raptor Essentials for Principals

  • Raptor School Safety software ties together the critical aspects of safety throughout your campus, from prevention through recovery in a cohesive, easy-to-use software suite
  • The annual cost per school is typically less than one overhead projector in a classroom
  • Easy to deploy with live, online, and ongoing training from Raptor
  • Provides peace of mind to your local school community
  • Resources from Raptor to share at PTA/Parent Meetings
  • Easy for teachers and staff to learn and use
  • Multi-platform software lets you use the devices you already have in your schools
  • Customizable alert buttons for your district-specific emergency protocols
  • Programable Team Assist feature helps your staff deal with everyday emergencies
  • Load key documents and policies for easy access by your staff
  • A secure system that respects privacy and does not track user location except during an active emergency
  • Raptor Connect enables native, bi-directional integration with your district’s digital security systems and peripherals at no additional cost
  • Raptor Connect gives users the power to initiate multiple emergency response mechanisms from one point
  • The Raptor Connect ecosystem of partners includes gun detection, mass communication, audio/visual systems and is continually growing
  • Keep track of all your drills and provide feedback to teachers and students on performance
  • Schedule drills in advance and receive reminders to help with compliance requirements
  • Automatic reporting to show your compliance with district requirements
  • Include volunteers and visitors in your drills
  • Directly integrated with your Student Information System so staff can quickly and easily account for students based on class rosters
  • Staff can indicate the status of students, add students to their roster while automatically notifying others the student is accounted for and account for themselves, other staff and visitors
  • Real-time reports during an emergency show you the status and location of students and staff (safe, injured, missing, or absent) to prioritize your resources and speed communications
  • Be ready to reunite families following any crisis and provide quick resolution for anxious parents
  • Customizable to district policies and procedures
  • Incident Commander dashboard allows vital information for decision making, including incident length, number, and status of students and reunited families
  • Demonstrates to parents you have a plan for post-incident reunification
  • School-wide view of visitors and contractors who enter and exit your buildings
  • Syncs directly with your SIS, giving you the ability to track student tardiness and keep the most up-to-date information in your system
  • Create an unlimited number of custom databases to screen visitors against
  • A visible sign of security for your local school community
  • StudentSafe empowers your staff with the ability to catalog low-level concerns so you can help students earlier when problems are more manageable. With your entire staff (custodians, bus drivers, food service personnel, etc.) able to enter their concerns you spread the responsibility and provide your counselor and support teams with more valuable information
  • Helping each student thrive drastically reduces threats of harm to self and others while also keeping your transfer rates low, and your completion rates high
  • StudentSafe helps reduce your liability when it comes to meeting compliance requirements and demonstrating that proven processes are followed with fidelity
  • Central point for your school volunteers to provide background check information
  • System allows volunteers to pay for their background checks saving the school money
  • Online portal allows for schools to send out information on upcoming activities with sign-up forms for volunteers
  • Track all your volunteer hours for reporting, matching funding, or recognizing volunteer hours
  • Empower and encourage your volunteers with self-serve access to their own information and up-to-date information on upcoming events

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