Youth Programs

Creating a Secure, Safe, and Fun Environment for Young Participants

Youth Programs

Safety First: Protecting Every Child in Every Setting

In youth programs and community centers, the safety and wellbeing of young participants are vital to their success. Just like in schools, it is crucial to have robust safety measures in place to ensure a secure environment for children and peace of mind for parents and guardians. By prioritizing safety, youth programs and community centers can provide a positive and nurturing experience while effectively fulfilling their commitment to providing a safe space.

Learn how three YMCAs fulfill their promise to communities with Raptor.

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Raptor Solutions for Youth Program Safety

  • Facility-wide view of visitors and contractors who enter and exit your buildings
  • Quick and simple check-in process takes stress off front desk staff
  • Screen against sex offender registries from all 50 states, and rescreen guests at any point
  • Create an unlimited number of custom databases to screen visitors against the national sex offender database as well as your own custom databases 
  • Configurable badges show exactly why a visitor is there and where they should be
  • Customize and automate your volunteer application based on state requirements and your own policies
  • Reduce the approval process from weeks to hours
  • Online portal allows schools to send out information on upcoming activities with sign-up forms for volunteers
  • Track all your volunteer hours for reporting, matching funding, or recognizing volunteer hours
  • Empower and encourage your volunteers with self-serve access to their own information and up-to-date details on upcoming events
  • Designed to work under duress, Raptor Alert is a silent panic alert system that works on the devices your schools use every day
  • Quickly initiate a response to a school- or district-wide emergency from any hard-wired, cellular, or wireless device
  • The same app is used for critical emergencies and everyday incidents, so staff learns one system to summon help
  • Load key documents and policies for easy access by your staff
  • Keep track of all your drills and provide feedback to stakeholders on performance
  • Schedule drills in advance and receive reminders to help with compliance requirements
  • Automatic reporting to show your compliance with district requirements

Resources to Help Improve Youth Program Safety

Best Practices for Community Centers and After-School Programs

Community centers encounter distinct challenges in managing and monitoring their guests and volunteers. With a large number of individuals visiting weekly for various purposes, ensuring their non-threatening nature to the center and its occupants is crucial.

How 3 YMCAs Uphold Their Promise to be a Safe Place for Families

This 3-part case study focuses on three YMCAs: Treasure Valley Family YMCA in Idaho, Gateway Region YMCA in Missouri and YMCA of Greater Brandywine Valley in Pennsylvania

Summit Area YMCA Steps Up Security

The Raptor System’s instant screening program allows Summit Area YMCA staff to better protect members and guests from unwanted visitors. Raptor’s instant screening program allows Summit Area YMCA staff to better protect members and guests from unwanted visitors, namely sexual offenders.

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