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How Raptor’s Compliance and Success Program Helps Mendota Unified School District Improve Their Emergency Response Procedure

In this case study, we’ll review the challenges the district faced—and how Raptor CSP worked with their safety team to overcome them.

Raptor Helps Ropes ISD Close Communication Gaps and Track Campus Sign-Ins

I’m the Director of State Federal Programs, so I oversee compliance. We have over 200 employees to roll out new technology to. I’m tech savvy and I could have figured it out, but I decided we needed help because I was rolling it out on my own. I wanted to make sure that we implemented Raptor correctly. Getting it out so efficiently and effectively—I wouldn’t have been able to do it so quickly without the CSP team’s experience.

Joe Ochoa, Director State Federal Programs at Mendota USD

The Challenges

Implementing a new safety technology presents challenges that, without the requisite support in place, can create obstacles to a school’s safety and security success. Wanting to head this off, Mendota Unified School District (USD) in California looked to Raptor’s Compliance and Success Program (CSP) to make sure their implementation and adoption went smoothly.
Emergency Communication & Compliance
Emergency communication prior to Raptor left the district with gaps—not all staff were receiving the same information or even, in the case of areas such as the football field, receiving alerts at all. Making sure their emergency procedures met state and federal compliance standards was key.
Accountability for Students & Staff
The previous method of using paper rosters was cumbersome, especially for larger student populations like the high school. Being unable to quickly and easily account for each student and staff member left their safety at risk.
Staff Training, Engagement, & Ownership
Staff and administrators were initially hesitant to use new applications. Even after having the new tool, staff didn’t fully understand how— or when—to operate the new system. This was the director wanted help training staff and empowering them with access to critical safety tools.

How Raptor Helped

Raptor Compliance and Success Program (CSP) ensures your safety team and staff receive a thorough understanding of the role technology plays in supporting your district safety initiatives and how they can gain maximum benefits from all the technology has to offer. Here’s how Raptor CSP has impacted the safety and security of Mendota USD:
Emergency Communication and Compliance
Raptor streamlines communication during emergencies and provides tools for better management of such situations, and Raptor CSP configures the technology and reporting to help you ensure full compliance across your district with state- and district-required drills. The monthly Customer Success sessions will help ensure compliance with state safety requirements—and help generate the proper documentation.
Streamlining Accountability and Emergency Recovery
Raptor’s ability to sync with their SIS eliminated the cumbersome task of checking through massive binders filled with rosters, ensuring real-time data accuracy. And through their CSP support, Raptor’s system was configured to their specific emergency policies, procedures, and needs. This meant having an onsite and in-depth training of the reunification process followed by an actual reunification drill. Successfully completing your Reunification Exercise will leave your team feeling confident in their abilities to execute this critical function in an actual emergency.
Check-ins and Support from Raptor CSP
Weekly check-ins and support from the Raptor team helped ensure the continuous usage and understanding of the app, and a reunification exercise underscored the importance of communication during actual events—and made the staff realize Raptor Emergency Management’s value to their school and their safety. By addressing concerns head-on and establishing continuous plans for additional training sessions, Raptor CSP provided hands-on support to Mendota USD, making the staff familiar and comfortable with the system. The interactive training in Raptor CSP’s approach gives your staff the information and confidence they need to fully adopt the policies, procedures and technology you are working so hard to implement.
The one thing that I recognized was the lack of communication during the actual drills. There wasn’t that common thread of communication. And people out, for example, at the football field could not hear the lockdown drill alert or when the lockdown was lifted. We were missing that common thread that allows us to make sure everyone is getting the same message.

Joe Ochoa, Director State Federal Programs at Mendota USD

Mendota Unified School District in California serves 3,803
students across six buildings and has over 200 employees.

  • Emergency Communication & Compliance
  • Accountability for Students & Staff
  • Staff Training, Engagement, & Ownership
  • Emergency Communication
    and Compliance
  • Streamlining Accountability
    and Emergency Recovery
  • Check-ins and Support from Raptor CSP

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