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How the Raptor School Safety Ecosystem Helps Robinson ISD Manage Their Threat Assessments

Robinson Independent School District is a public school district based in Robinson, Texas. Robinson ISD serves over 2,400 students.
Behavioral Threat Assessment (BTA)

Early intervention is the most important and effective way to support a student who may be experiencing challenges they are not equipped to manage. For David Wrzesinski, the Director of Safe Schools at Robinson ISD (RISD), Raptor’s ecosystem of school safety technologies is critical to managing his district’s safety needs.

“Before StudentSafe™, I had multiple spreadsheets that I developed for threat assessment, and it worked okay —but it wasn’t really shareable for meetings, and staff turnover made training the next year’s team a challenge. Plus, I had to worry if someone would delete something important. I saw a StudentSafe demo at a school safety conference and thought, ‘that is exactly what I need to manage threat assessment.”

David Wrzesinski, Director of Safe Schools at Robinson ISD

Threat Assessment Challenges

Managing school safety and student wellbeing requires an ecosystem of tools and processes, but coordinating those elements—and updating them to reflect the latest best practices—is challenging. For David Wrzesinski, the Director of Safe Schools at Robinson ISD (RISD), Raptor’s ecosystem of school safety technologies is key to help manage his district’s safety needs, from safety drills to emergency communication.

Before partnering with Raptor, Wrzesinski analyzed their existing safety plan to determine where they most needed support. Here’s what he found:



Many times, low-level concerns weren’t being reported because of uncertainty—staff weren’t sure their concerns were significant enough to alert the threat assessment team. And, with the demand on teachers’ and counselors’ time being so high, lacking a single, easy access point to share those concerns meant some low-level
concerns were being overlooked, lost, or otherwise missed.



Managing threat assessments across multiple platforms and spreadsheets and sharing those docs with the threat assessment team created a complicated process for staff to follow. It also opened the possibility of accidental deleting or editing of content, resulting in critical information—and time—being lost.



Not only did training staff especially new team members following any staffing turnove —on a complicated process present a constant obstacle to the team’s time management, so did scheduling. And because the nature of the spreadsheets meant working simultaneously, finding common meeting times to work on documents together was a real challenge.

Raptor StudentSafe and Managing Threat Assessments

Raptor’s patented StudentSafe technology brings together the systems that help schools recognize, document, support and manage the wellbeing of individual students. Here’s how Raptor helped RISD address their Threat Assessment team’s needs:


Being able to recognize a student in the initial stages of distress empowers schools to reduce that child’s exposure and give them the support they need to cope and heal.

But, as reflected in Wrzesinski’s experience, staff uncertainty around the significance of their
concerns presents an obstacle to early reporting. With StudentSafe, your staff—which includes not only teachers, but also other staff such as custodians, bus drivers, and food service personnel—is empowered with the ability to quickly catalog low-level concerns by logging into our intuitive system from any web enabled device.

Worried about privacy? Student data is restricted and viewable only by approved personnel, such as guidance counselors and other designated staff. StudentSafe includes four-dimensional provisioning enabling your district to configure permissions in a highly detailed and precise manner.


Raptor’s patented StudentSafe software includes the ability to document and manage low level concerns, create student chronologies, run BTA workflows, manage BTA cases, gain immediate insight through alerts and robust dashboards, determine trends and gaps with full-scale reporting and more. For RISD, this meant their documentation and processes related to threat assessment could be consolidated into one easy-to-access location— making it easy for staff to share their concerns and, importantly, easy for the designated team to access critical data.


Enables Asynchronous Work
StudentSafe brings together the systems that help schools recognize, document, support and manage the wellbeing of individual students. All the necessary information and documentation lives in one place—and can be accessed asynchronously, enabling busy school staff to work more efficiently.

“This is not just about student safety as far as threats. StudentSafe is more comprehensive, and it doesn’t mean it’s anything severe as far as the behavior is concerned. The teacher doesn’t have to judge whether or not a concern is a threat.”

David Wrzesinski, Director of Safe Schools at Robinson ISD

Robinson ISD
Robinson, Texas

  • Low-level concerns were being overlooked
  • Managing threat assessments across multiple platforms
  • Time management
  • Provided Emergency Management app, accessible on web-enabled devices
  • Consolidated their safety processes
  • Expanded their communication abilities

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