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A Critical Component to Emergency Preparedness and Response

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The Role of Law Enforcement Agencies in School Safety

It is important for school districts and county sheriffs, local police chiefs and other law enforcement agencies to develop good relationships and lines of communication. This can significantly improve a school’s emergency preparedness and effective response. District safety teams and local law enforcement should meet regularly to review emergency operation plans, understand roles and responsibilities during emergencies and reunifications and discuss community concerns and trends.  

It is important for law enforcement to understand the safety tools your schools are using so you can work alongside them from prevention through recovery. 

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Law Enforcement + Raptor = Safer Schools

  • Allows schools to initiate and run safety drills from any web-enabled or mobile device
  • First responders can receive notifications of scheduled drills for awareness and to attend when appropriate
  • When schools include law enforcement in both planning sessions and drills, all parties can become familiar with the school’s layout, emergency plans, and key team members
  • School staff build muscle memory by initiating emergency alerts, messaging, location sharing, and contacting 911, all of which are skills that transfer to real events. Meanwhile, law enforcement can follow along on the Raptor app and interject as needed
  • Reporting capabilities allows for post-drill meetings to discuss lessons learned and areas that need improvement
  • Silent panic alert technology that can be integrated with RapidSOS to deliver precise location data, contact information, and critical incident details to 911 operators
  • Receive notifications directly from the Raptor Alert app for schools within law enforcement’s jurisdiction
  • Uses the school’s emergency response protocols (including The “I Love U Guys” Standard Response Protocol), to help facilitate clear expectations, responsibilities, and communication
  • Provides access to select school safety information like maps and school policies so all parties are working from the same information
  • Facilitates real-time communication between staff and law enforcement through group messaging, providing important contextual information during an emergency
  • Raptor Connect enables native, bi-directional integration with a district’s digital security systems and peripherals
  • This gives users the power to initiate multiple emergency response mechanisms from one point. For example, a person with a gun detected in the parking lot can automatically initiate a lockdown.
  • Enables teachers and staff to account for themselves, students, and visitors directly in the Raptor mobile app while providing real-time status and location information
  • Provides information to efficiently allocate resources to where they are needed most
  • Directly integrated with Raptor Reunification to streamline the overall process of reuniting students with their approved guardians
  • Maintains proper chain of custody for all students involved in the reunification process
  • Patented in-app workflow, licensed by The “I Love U Guys” Foundation, provides clear roles and responsibilities and helps eliminate chaos
  • Incident Command dashboard provides vital information for decision-making, including incident length, number, and status of students and reunited families
  • Brings together the systems that help schools recognize, document, support and manage the wellbeing of individual students including the ability to capture low-level concerns and conduct behavioral threat assessments and suicide risk assessments
  • Builds a student chronology indicating types of concerns, interventions, timing and more so schools can provide early help before a situation escalates
  • When a behavioral threat assessment is necessary, the student’s chronology is already available to teams as they begin the process
  • Helps facilitate collaboration between multi-disciplinary behavioral threat assessment team members and provides a secure, central repository for documents and case management
  • Raptor Visitor Management screens every visitor against the national sex offender database as well as a school’s own databases of unsafe individuals, custody arrangements, etc.
  • Law enforcement agencies may share their own lists of unsafe individuals for schools to include in their visitor management system

Resources for Law Enforcement and School Safety

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