Volunteer Management System for Schools

Fully integrated from application to reporting


Volunteers apply in an easy-to-use customizable online application. Eliminate hundreds of status inquiries and provide instant notification of completed and approved applications and cleared background checks.


The system screens prospective volunteers for sex offender status and compiles criminal background results for easy review. Reduce application approval process from weeks to hours, automatically approve applicants with no criminal or sex offender history, and only review applications with potential risk.


Volunteer Coordinators can monitor and report on total volunteer hours by building, by project, or district-wide. Volunteers can access their profiles, where they can track their hours, view current and upcoming events, chat with other volunteers, and update their personal information.

Virtual Volunteers

Effectively and efficiently recruit, screen, approve, and communicate with virtual volunteers for activities such as mentoring, reading buddies, “virtual recess”, and tutoring. Volunteers are able to record hours so districts can track participation even when volunteers are not signing into a physical building.
K-12 Volunteer Management Software

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Raptor offers the only integrated school safety software system on the market.

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Raptor Volunteer Management System

The Raptor Difference



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