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Professional Services for Sustainable Emergency Management

Raptor Compliance and Success Program


Simplifying and Supporting Your Safety Journey

Raptor’s Emergency Management software and the implementation, training, and support that accompany it gives most districts the tools they need to successfully manage and sustain their emergency management programs. However, some districts lack the resources or experience to successfully maintain these programs over time. The ever-growing and changing landscape of school safety has made the school safety journey increasingly complex.

This is why districts of all sizes and types are benefiting from the Raptor Compliance and Success Program (CSP). The first of its kind, CSP is a professional services approach to building and maintaining a sustainable emergency management program with the help of experienced Raptor resources. From day-one implementation troubleshooting to a hands-on approach for detecting post-implementation technical issues plus monthly consults to reinforce best practices and compliance reporting, the Raptor CSP sets a new standard for school safety.


Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility

A comprehensive emergency response program takes more than running drills or pushing a panic button. Empowering your staff with the tools to keep themselves and students safe and accounted for is the right thing to do. Raptor CSP professionals provide guidance and hands-on involvement to help you reach your district’s safety goals.

Align to Your Vision

CSP professionals help bring your vision to life – from the customized training content to the way your Raptor system is configured.

Involve Staff

The CSP creates critical opportunities for collaboration among staff, Raptor instructors, and safety teams, ensuring everyone is engaged.

Lead by Example

The CSP Model School Approach establishes a solid foundation for rollout, adoption, and success.

Building a Culture of Safety

Certainly, there are requirements all districts must meet to comply with state safety guidelines. And then there is the bar that you set for your own district because your staff and students deserve more. Districts that invest in the Compliance and Success Program by Raptor do so because they are building a culture of safety, not just checking a box.
Building a Culture of Safety

Set Your Own Bar

You decide what compliance means for your district, and the Raptor CSP professionals move in unison with you toward that goal.

Establish a Solid Foundation

The methodical approach of CSP is built upon 20 years of helping districts implement their safety programs. Hands-on, in-person training, customized content built around your goals, and a 100% guided process help you create a strong foundation.

Stay on Track

Every day there are obstacles to overcome. CSP professionals and the program we create together will help keep you and your staff on track through built-in checks and balances, compliance consultations, reporting mechanisms, and other practices.

Behavioral Threat Assessment BTA Methodologies


School Safety is a Journey,
Not a Destination

The Compliance and Success Program can be compared to a constant, rhythmic beat that guides your school safety program with a systematic approach and continual support. As you make steady progress toward achieving your compliance and success objectives, the momentum builds.

As staff engagement in your district’s safety program grows, it paves the way for advancement.

  • A proactive approach
    With a solid foundation, you and your CSP team can focus on getting ahead of the latest threats.
  • A deeper bench
    Regardless of district size, your CSP team can provide the support you need to achieve the depth of security your students and staff deserve. depth you need, or they can provide the support needed so you can build that depth.
  • A wider scope
    What does compliance and success look like now? When the fundamentals are intact, your CSP team can help you build upon the scope of safety as well as expand your goals.

What Our Customers Say


The Compliance and Success Program (CSP) is an engagement with Raptor Professional Services team to help districts of all sizes achieve their goals for compliance and success in their emergency response initiatives through Raptor Emergency Management Software.
The CSP focuses on drill management, emergency response (both campus wide and more localized incidents) through Raptor Alert, accountability of staff and students during drills and emergencies, and proper and effective reunification of students and guardians.
Each CSP client works directly with a designated Professional Services Engineer (PSE). The PSE will engage additional Raptor staff to support all the services provided to the district, such as live trainings, customized materials, monthly success and compliance consults, model school and rollout activities, system configuration, and much more.

The Compliance and Success Program is designed to support the district throughout the length of the partnership. Timelines and activities are aligned to the district’s unique goals and definition of success. Typically, the first year focuses on building a strong foundation while subsequent years emphasize sustainable, scalable success.

CSP may not be for everyone. Districts striving to create robust school safety programs while managing the complexities of an ever-changing landscape are good candidates for CSP. Also, teams or departments with gaps in experience or expertise, with many competing priorities and with time constraints benefit from CSP.

As you know, there is far more to a comprehensive emergency response program than pushing a panic button. Empowering your staff with the tools to keep themselves and students safe and accounted for is the right thing to do. Raptor CSP professionals provide guidance and hands-on involvement to help you reach your district’s safety goals.