The Student, Teachers, and Officers Preventing (STOP) School Violence Grant Program​

BJA STOP funds software that helps K-12 schools maintain a safe environment and recognize, respond to, and prevent violence on campus.

BJA STOP School Violence Grant Program
Federal Funding Round Up

Program Goals

The overall goal is for schools to use the funding to:

  • Institute safety measures in and around schools
  • Support school violence prevention efforts
  • Provide training to school personnel and students
  • Implement evidence-based threat assessments
  • Fund research and evaluation on the causes and consequences of school violence

Preventing School Violence Starts Early

Raptor is driven by our mission to protect every child, every school, every day. Our team is passionate about school safety and staying on the cutting edge of innovative school safety software. Early intervention is an important step in preventing school violence.

Raptor StudentSafe helps schools recognize, document, support, and manage the wellbeing of individual students in one intuitive and connected platform. 

Raptor StudentSafe™ Early Intervention Software

Purchasing Raptor with STOP Funding

Raptor provides integrated visitor, volunteer, emergency management, safeguarding, and early intervention software and services that cover the complete spectrum of school and student safety.

All Raptor software directly relates to the STOP goals and allowable expenses.


StudentSafe Early Intervention Software

Give authorized staff a holistic view, centralized communications, and a full chronology of observances, incidents, actions, and responses with Raptor StudentSafe.

Visitor Management System

Confirm each visitor is safe and know precisely who is in your schools with Raptor Visitor Management.

Emergency Management System

Prepare for, respond to, and recover from any emergency with Raptor Emergency Management.

Volunteer Management System

Screen, track, and manage volunteers with Raptor Volunteer Management.