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Robinson ISD

How the Raptor School Safety Ecosystem Helps Robinson ISD Manage Their School’s Safety

Robinson Independent School District is a public school district based in Robinson, Texas. Robinson ISD serves over 2,400 students.
How the Raptor School Safety Ecosystem Helps Robinson ISD Manage Their School’s Safety
“When I started, I had about 5 different apps that I was using. One for bullying, another for notifications. One for maps and another for messaging. I had all these safety tools filling up my screen. Raptor as a product has brought those processes into one place. It’s turning into a single product that does everything.”

David Wrzesinski, Director of Safe Schools at Robinson ISD

The Challenge

Managing school safety and student wellbeing requires an ecosystem of tools and processes, but coordinating those elements—and updating them to reflect the latest best practices—is challenging. For David Wrzesinski, the Director of Safe Schools at Robinson ISD (RISD), Raptor’s ecosystem of school safety technologies is key to help manage his district’s safety needs, from safety drills to emergency communication.

Before partnering with Raptor, Wrzesinski analyzed their existing safety plan to determine where they most needed support. Here’s what he found:

Managing safety

While the district had an operations plan they reviewed triennially and conducted fire drills, there was room for improvement. The operations plan was made available in a notebook—but it was a tool easily forgotten in the stress of a real emergency. Wrzesinski wanted them to have a more accessible and manageable plan in place.

Multiple, spread-out processes

With a separate app for each piece of their safety plan, their emergency management process had become complicated and unwieldy—a serious concern in the chaos of an emergency. Streamlining those processes was key to making their school safety and security plan as efficient as possible.


Alerting and communicating with staff during emergencies was a concern—adding another means to notify staff and, importantly, empowering them to call for help was critical.

How Raptor’s Ecosystem of School Safety Software Helped

“Raptor accomplished the thing that’s most difficult, and that’s getting all the student information and teacher information into their app and pulling that out without a whole lot of effort on the school’s part. I praise Raptor because of the ease of integration and the ease of management that one person can do.” David Wrzesinski, Director of Safe Schools at Robinson ISD

Emergency Management

Raptor Emergency Management connects with hard-wired, wireless, and cellular networks and uses the same interface for both drills and real emergencies—helping staff build muscle memory and confidence in their ability to respond effectively during an emergency. Through Drill Manager, you can:

  • Manage and Track Your Drills
    Prepare your school for any situation, track all drills, and eliminate compliance risks.
  • Create and Schedule
    Schedule drills and track compliance based on state and district requirements.
  • Conduct and Manage
    Receive automatic notifications before upcoming drills and initiate drills from any mobile or web-enabled device.
  • Track and Report
    Quickly verify each building’s drill activity and compliance, monitor and report by building or drill type, and use reports to help prioritize future drill schedules.
  • Learn and Improve
    Analyze reports to see what is working and where you need to improve performance.

Consolidating safety processes

Raptor Connect gives schools the power to initiate multiple emergency response mechanisms from a single point—putting all of RISD’s safety tools in one place.

This capability reduces the number of individual digital activations required during an emergency. Raptor Connect streamlines a school’s digital emergency response activations, speeding notifications and minimizing the impact of the situation. Our ecosystem of partners covers a wide range of peripherals helping schools take full advantage of their digital emergency response technologies.

Communication support

Raptor Emergency Management includes Raptor Alert, which expedites calling 911 for help—and because Raptor integrates with 911, the caller’s precise location, type of emergency, and callback number is automatically shared with dispatchers. Raptor Alert supports standard E911 services, is RapidSOS Ready, and is fully compatible with all standard Public Safety Answering Points and emergency calling infrastructure.

Using the group chat feature—which includes a general channel and an administrator channel—in Raptor Alert, RISD staff can also readily communicate details about the emergency internally.

Team Assist

Raptor Team Assist utilizes a chat feature in the same manner as Raptor Alert, so staff can call for help when they encounter emergencies requiring a local response, such as a medical situation, a fight in the hallway, or an injured student on the playground. Team Assist provides configurable alert types for localized incidents as well as their own distribution lists. For example, for an injured student on the playground, a distribution list would likely include the school nurse.

Meeting your unique needs

“They evolve. It’s one of the reasons I really like the product. They take recommendations and they generate them; they go in and code them and then they make them better.” David Wrzesinski, Director of Safe Schools at Robinson ISD.

When you partner with Raptor, our teams discuss your district’s priorities, roles and responsibilities, and timeline goals. This consultation forms the basis for configuring your Raptor system to your specific needs—and we work hard to continually grow our ecosystem of connected safety partners.

This means if you have a technology provider you’d like to see Raptor partner with, we are happy to evaluate your request.

Learn more about Raptor

The Raptor software ecosystem ties together the critical aspects of school safety, from prevention through recovery. Find out how we can work together in our mutual goals of protecting every child, every school, every day.

Robinson ISD
Robinson, Texas

  • Improving their safety management access
  • Multiple, spread-out processes 
  • Communication gaps
  • Provided Emergency Management app, accessible on web-enabled devices
  • Consolidated their safety processes
  • Expanded their communication abilities

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