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Raptor Alert Silent Panic Alert System

Silent Panic Alert Technology (SPAT) Grant Program

With the money allocated per school, Texas districts can purchase the entire Emergency Management Suite which includes Drill Manager, Raptor Alert, Accountability and Reunification. 

Deadline to apply December 12, 2022

Just search for “SPAT”.

What Is a Silent Panic Alert?

Silent panic alert technology is a silent system signal that users can generate through the activation of a device. This is accomplished either manually or through software applications and is intended to signal a life-threatening or emergency situation—such as an active shooter or intruder—that requires a response from law enforcement and/or other first responders.

Program Guidelines

The goal of these funds is to provide grant funds to local educational agencies (LEAs) for the purchase of silent panic alert technologies, such as Raptor Alert, for campuses as a measure of school safety. It may include:

  • Wired panic button or buttons;
  • Wireless panic button or buttons; or
  • A mobile or computer application.

That requirement satisfied, here are additional guidelines the state has for this grant’s use:

Requirement Raptor Compliance
An alert capable of being triggered manually by campus staff Raptor Alert empowers all campus staff to trigger alerts based on your emergency response protocols such as a lockdown, evacuation, etc
An alert is triggered automatically in the event a district employee calls 911 from any location within the school system Raptor Alert enables all campus staff to initiate an alert and call 911 (or text 911 where available) from any location, all within the mobile application
With any alert generated, the location of where the alert originated shall be included A Raptor Alert incident can show the location of the initiator in the chat feature of the application. Additionally, real-time messaging sent from Raptor Alert to 911 dispatch includes the precise on-campus location of the caller
The alert notifies a set of designated school administrators as needed to provide confirmation of response, and if confirmed, notice is issued to law enforcement and emergency responder agencies of an emergency situation requiring a law enforcement and/or emergency response, and a notice can simultaneously be issued to all school staff of the need to follow appropriate emergency procedures Raptor Alert enables customers a great deal of configuration flexibility. Raptor can be configured to notify selected personnel and allow them to make the decision on whether to initiate a campus-wide emergency and/or emergency responders or, alternatively, Raptor can support a workflow that enables any user to immediately initiate an incident, including the option to notify emergency responders
For any exterior doors that features electronic locking mechanisms that allow for remote locking, the alert system will trigger those doors to automatically lock and to automatically notify relevant campus staff of any door where the lock cannot engage Raptor Alert features an integration interface called Raptor Connect that enables native, bi-directional integration with a school’s digital security systems and peripherals, such as access control, mass communication, VOIP phones, and much more. Raptor Connect is available to schools and integrators at no charge. For districts with electronic locking mechanisms that allow for remote locking, Raptor will work with your vendor to integrate and define workflows

Our Software Was Built to Help Schools Manage Every Stage of Safety

From approving all entrants, managing volunteers, and confidently responding to any emergency, you can address every aspect of your school’s safety—all in one, user-friendly integrated suite.  

Raptor is Fully Integrated With the SRP and SRM From The "I Love U Guys" Foundation

The “I Love U Guys” Foundation, a well-known school safety organization, has an extensive set of emergency response protocols, including the Standard Response Protocol® (SRP) and the Standard Reunification Method™ (SRM). As a mission partner, Raptor is fully aligned with these protocols and officially licensed by the Foundation to include them in our Emergency Management software.

When using Raptor® Emergency Management, you can be confident that everyone is following these protocols and speaking the same language during any emergency.

Protect Life and Respond to Emergencies

At the center of the Raptor Emergency Management Suite is Raptor Alert. Raptor Alert is a silent panic alert system that works on the devices your schools use every day. Raptor Alert expedites and streamlines emergency response by allowing users to initiate an emergency directly through 911 and provide critical information to first responders, law enforcement, and campus personnel.

Raptor Alert Silent Panic Alert

Easy to Use Mobile Panic Alert Application

Now Able to Connect Multiple Safety Technologies via the Raptor® Connect Integration Platform

Raptor Alert was designed to work under duress with simple navigation built in collaboration with critical response and emergency services experts. Now, with the advanced innovation of Raptor Connect, schools can take full advantage of digital emergency response technologies by activating all from a single point.

Quickly initiate a response to a school- or district-wide emergency from any hard-wired, cellular, or wireless device.
The Raptor Connect integration platform, enables native, bi-directional integration with a school’s digital security systems and peripherals. Learn more
Alerts are immediately delivered to a custom list of recipients, which can include administrators, staff members, and first responders.

Raptor Alert is compatible with all standard Public Safety Answering Point and emergency calling infrastructure and is RapidSOS Ready™ which accelerates the transfer of critical emergency alert data to 911 and first responders.

Directly Integrates With 911

When time equals life, every second of clear communication can make all the difference. That is why Raptor Alert supports standard E911 services, is RapidSOS Ready™, and is fully compatible with all standard Public Safety Answering Points and emergency calling infrastructure.

Raptor automatically shares caller information with 911 dispatchers, including caller name, callback number, precise location—down to which building they are in—school name and address, and type of emergency.

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Texas School Safety Funding Update​

The state of Texas recently announced two budget execution orders transferring $980.1 million to public safety initiatives, including funding for the purchase of silent panic alert technology (SPAT) and other school safety programs and equipment.

Panic Buttons Could Be Required in Texas Schools

Silent Panic Alert Technology is gaining traction after the tragedy at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde five months ago. Since then, state leaders have made several changes aimed at preventing more tragedies.

What Our Customers Are Saying

[The Raptor Alert System] gives us the ability to be aligned 100 percent with the Standard Response Protocol Program. It’s also integrated directly with our 911 system so that every staff member has the ability in the event of an emergency to dial 911 from that same mobile application. This application will also be forwarded to our first responders...so, in the event we have to handle an emergency response, we will be able to utilize this technology to have that level of communication in real time, with all of our first responders."
Danny Castillo, Director of Emergency Management and School Safety, Harlingen CISD (TX)
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Silent Panic Alert Technology (SPAT) Grant Program

$17.1 million for Texas Schools to purchase silent panic alert technologies. Eligible applicants must apply by December 12, 2022