District leaders play a vital role in ensuring the safety of their students and staff.

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Competing Priorities

Improving academic performance. Securing sufficient funding. Finding and retaining the best teachers. Helping students find success. Meeting government mandates. Superintendents and district administrators across the country cite these as some of their significant challenges. So, while every superintendent and administrator prioritizes safe and secure schools, it is becoming increasingly difficult given all the competing priorities.

“We now have uniform procedures for visitor check-in, volunteer screening, and emergency situations to stop potential offenders and keep everyone safe.”

Avoid Risk

You want to make sure that your district represents the best possible educational environment for your students and staff members. That naturally includes safeguarding that environment—literally. When there is a campus incident, especially in a district lacking in security, it can take the district years to reestablish community trust. You need a school security partner you can trust to minimize your risk.

Raptor Essentials for Superintendents

  • The Raptor School Safety suite with visitor, volunteer, and emergency management, provides a complete and integrated solution for your district
  • The annual cost per school for the entire Safety Suite is typically less than one overhead projector in a classroom
  • Solutions are available on pre-negotiated group purchasing vehicles, including GSA, TIPS, BuyBoard, and many state-level contracts and BOCES
  • Eligible under almost all local, state, and federal safety funding grants
  • Easy to deploy, with experienced, professional integration teams from Raptor
  • Raptor provides Board materials to assist approvals
  • District-wide view of visitors and contractors who enter and exit your buildings
  • Keep stats of the number of sex offenders attempting to enter
  • Set district-wide policies for who can enter your schools
  • Generate positive media coverage in your community with a visible display of security
  • Exceed state mandates for background checks for volunteers who work with children system stem allows volunteers to pay for their background checks saving the district money
  • Workforce multiplier for your volunteer coordinator
  • Create district-wide and school-level stats and annual reports on volunteerism
  • Ease of use for volunteers encourages volunteerism and community engagement
  • Comply with state mandates for tracking all your fire, disaster, and active shooter drills
  • District-wide reporting on all your drills
  • Prepare your district for the worst with the best solution for managing emergencies
  • Multi-platform software lets you use the devices you already have in your schools
  • Customizable Alert Buttons for your district-specific emergency protocols
  • Programable Team Assist feature helps your staff deal with everyday emergencies
  • Load key documents and policies for easy access by your staff
  • Be ready to reunite families following any crisis and provide quick resolution for anxious parents
  • Customizable to district policies and procedures
  • Incident Commander dashboard allows vital information for decision making, including incident length, number, and status of students and reunited families
  • Provide media with accurate stats during and following an incident
  • Raptor can help you host a community reunification event for training and positive community public relations

Stories & Testimonials

Hear what some of our happy customers have to say.

School District Flags More Than Two Dozen Potentially Threatening Intruders

With the Raptor system, the district has successfully identified at least two dozen threatening individuals attempting to enter its schools, including several registered sex offenders and, more commonly, people attempting to violate restraining orders or flagged as dismissed former employees.

“Raptor gives our front office personnel an advantage in dealing with potentially dangerous visitors. Having the information built into the system makes a big difference. No more searching in a filing cabinet or trying to compare an unclear log entry to a printed, possibly out-of-date list. The badge stickers with the visitor’s picture—taken right from their driver’s license—are another big advantage. Students, teachers, and other staff members now have assurance that it’s OK for the visitor to be there."
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Michael Barbara
Safety Coordinator
Alhambra (CA) USD
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