COPS School Violence Prevention Program (SVPP) Grant Program

COPS SVPP funds school safety technology that helps identify danger and improve emergency notification and response.

COPS School Violence Prevention Program

Program Goals

The School Violence Prevention Program (SVPP) from the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS Office) is a competitive award program that helps K-12 schools improve their security and safety. The COPS Office is within U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA).

The overall goal is to increase safety by helping schools purchase software that improves:

  • information sharing between local law enforcement, first responders, and schools
  • crisis alert and notification times to law enforcement for better response times
  • identification of danger and emergencies
  • overall school safety efforts


Recipients are required to conduct a comprehensive school safety assessment during the grant award period for every school involved in the project, as well as contribute a local match of at least 25% towards the project.

Purchasing Raptor with SVPP Funding

Raptor is driven by our mission to protect every child, every school, every day. Our team is passionate about school safety and staying on the cutting edge of innovative school safety software. Raptor is a trusted safety advocate and partner to over 35,000 K-12 U.S. schools and maintains a 98% annual customer retention rate.

Raptor provides integrated visitor, volunteer, and emergency management software that can give you complete control over your school security and create the ultimate benefit: safety and peace of mind for everyone in your community. All Raptor software directly relates to the SVPP goals and allowable expenses.

Purchasing Raptor
Visitor Management

Visitor Management System

Confirm each visitor is safe and know precisely who is in your schools with Raptor Visitor Management.

School Emergency Management Software

Emergency Management System

Prepare for, respond to, and recover from any emergency with Raptor Emergency Management.

Volunteer Management

Volunteer Management System

Screen, track, and manage volunteers with Raptor Volunteer Management.

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