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RAPTOR StudentSafe™

Putting Student Wellbeing Policies into Action

Empowering Schools with Early Intervention Software
Early Intervention Software


Supporting the Individual, Holistic Safety of Your Students

Raptor StudentSafe aids schools in managing student wellbeing. The software enables staff to proactively address concerning student behavior and operationalize student wellbeing policies, including behavioral threat management, suicide risk, bullying, sexual harassment and more. By providing a centralized, holistic view of students who may need support, StudentSafe empowers informed decision-making for their best interests.

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Help Students Sooner for
Better Outcomes

Connecting the smallest dots for the earliest interventions.

This happens at every school, every day – a bus driver, teacher or food services staff notices something a bit off about a student’s behavior. Often, we rationalize it away hoping it’s an isolated incident or that someone else will handle it. But what if we’re already the third person this week who’s noticed and nothing has yet to be done?

Raptor Technologies

the Guide

Empower Staff

Allow staff to direct their concerns in a way that will receive the appropriate attention.

Create a Chronology

When small pieces of information come together in one central, secure system, patterns emerge for individual students as well as trends across cohorts.

See a Need

School counselors and trained professionals can connect the dots and readily identify a student in need of support. With such early indications, problems may often be managed more simply with existing resources.

Document & Monitor

Having concerns, tasks, notes and actions in one system, it requires less effort to monitor student progress and achieve positive outcomes.

*StudentSafe includes three BTA methodologies, the Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale and the SAFE-T tool. All other policies are created via custom forms by the district.


Putting Your Policies into Action

Student wellbeing policies are often created at the district, state or federal level and establish clear guidelines, expectations and boundaries. Having a bullying prevention policy, for example, is an excellent first step. Next comes the challenging work of establishing the step-by-step processes, training staff and creating measures of accountability to ensure that your policy is carried out with fidelity across your school. Putting your student wellbeing policies into action is easier with StudentSafe.

Remove Information Silos

From low-level concerns to an array of forms, documents, interventions, notes, interviews and more, StudentSafe provides a comprehensive student chronology.


With everything on one secure platform, staff can collaborate more effectively on interventions, tasks and follow-ups while streamlining administrative efforts.


Actionable policies paired with customized guidance create consistency across campuses. Additionally, robust auditing and reporting features improve accountability.

The Power
is Yours

Easily modify existing methodologies and processes to suit your school’s needs. Add custom content as well as checks and balances. Start from scratch and incorporate your school’s protocols and guidelines for any student wellbeing policy.


Leverage Technology in Support of School Violence Prevention

Focus on the students, not the paperwork.

Behavioral threat assessments are proven models for identifying and preventing violent incidents in schools. Increasingly states are requiring behavioral threat assessment (BTA) teams, reporting and in some cases, specific methodologies. Carefully designed software can support behavioral threat management so teams can focus more on the students and less on the administrative tasks.

Behavioral Threat Assessment (BTA)


Raptor StudentSafe includes the three (3) primary BTA methodologies


Some states, such as Florida, create their own model. Those are included as well.


Many districts prefer a combination of methodologies or use an entirely custom approach. Intuitive tools make it easy to create and edit on your own!


Prevent One of the Leading Causes of Death in Students

The alarming rate of death by suicide among students requires everyone’s attention. StudentSafe provides a secure platform for school counselors to screen, document and manage cases where students may be at risk of self-harm.

Using the tools, deemed industry best practice, including the Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale (C-SSRS) and SAFE-T, school counselors can analyze data about a student’s behaviors, attitudes, and mental wellbeing, providing a more comprehensive picture of their risk for suicide. Additionally, counselors can create personalized risk management plans, provide resources for students and guardians, and monitor their progress over time.


Remove All the Information Silos Across Your District

There are many reasons students move about within a school district. It makes sense that their student chronology moves with them. Unique to StudentSafe, data moves automatically from school to school within the same district. There is no need for manual exports and imports of data that can lead to errors and data privacy concerns. Staff at each school are provisioned with the appropriate access to the student’s chronology and actions within StudentSafe.
Cybersecurity in K-12 schools

What Is StudentSafe? How Does It Work? Is It Secure?

We know you have a lot of questions. That’s why we’ve collected the most frequently asked and answered them for you below.  

What is StudentSafe?

StudentSafe is the first-of-its-kind platform to help schools recognize, document, support and manage the wellbeing of individual students. The hallmark of Raptor’s patented technology is the emphasis on cataloging low-level concerns so your teams can see a student in need of support at the very earliest signs of distress. Now all the small pauses and quick mental notes your staff makes in concern for a student can be easily entered into a single secure platform where your trained teams can see a picture forming of a student who may need help.


StudentSafe includes assessment workflows and case management for threats of harm to self and others. The primary behavioral threat assessment models are available: Comprehensive School Threat Assessment Guidelines (CSTAG), the Federal or National Threat Assessment Center (NTAC) model and Salem-Keizer Cascade. For suicide risk assessment the Columbia-Suicide Risk Severity Scale and the SAFE-T tool are included.


Schools can incorporate all their student wellbeing protocols in StudentSafe via do-it-yourself, custom forms and cases. Now your bullying prevention, McKinney-Vento, sexual harassment and any other policies can be put into action in one secure platform.

How does StudentSafe work?

Any school staff member or administrator can log in to StudentSafe and enter a low-level concern by providing some basic information. Schools establish categories of concerns at the district level. When a staff member logs in, they select the student and a category and write a few notes. Additionally, the StudentSafe dashboard will provide a quick view for authorized staff to easily identify students who may need early help and support.


If the concern for the student’s safety warrants an assessment, screening or investigation the situation is escalated within StudentSafe and your staff follows the designated workflow and case management process. The student’s chronology is accessible to authorized users to help inform and streamline the process. All tasks, interviews and follow-ups are documented within StudentSafe helping to keep staff focused on the needs of the student and ensuring a secure, central repository of information.

What is meant by low-level concerns?
Low-level concerns are minor concerns a staff member may have about a student’s behavior or observance of the student. These can include irregular attendance, outbursts or meltdowns, unexplained bruising, new slang, appearing unkempt/disheveled, food insecurity, withdrawal, etc. 
Why should low-level concerns be addressed early?

Oftentimes, such behaviors or observances may not seem concerning as a single instance, however when others have similar encounters with the student and they are all documented in a central, secure place, we can easily see patterns and a need for early help and support for the student. The sooner we can help the student, the better the outcomes.

What is the basis for Safeguarding?

The software is based on a longstanding practice in the UK called safeguarding, where it is the law that schools (and other institutions) must document all forms of concerns related to the health and wellbeing of students. The goal is to safeguard students/children from harm such as any form of abuse, neglect, and mistreatment, as well as peer-on-peer abuse, grooming for gangs or other illicit activities, trafficking, self-harm and more. In 2021, Raptor Technologies purchased CPOMS, the leading provider of Safeguarding software in the UK with over 15,000 schools and more than a decade of history in improving the safety and wellbeing of UK students.

Are there privacy concerns with multiple staff having access to StudentSafe?

Most staff members will only be able to enter data, not view data. StudentSafe includes four-dimensional provisioning enabling your district to configure permissions in a highly detailed and precise manner. Additionally, Raptor is SOC2-certified providing the highest level of security on the market.


Raptor Technologies has been added to the list of signatories of the Student Privacy Pledge. We are committed to the Student Privacy Pledge and take great care and responsibility to both support the effective use of student information and safeguard student privacy and information security. More information about the pledge can be found here.

What is included with the StudentSafe Software?

Raptor StudentSafe™ software includes the ability to document and manage low-level concerns, create student chronologies, run behavioral threat assessment and suicide risk assessment workflows, create custom student wellbeing protocols, manage cases, gain immediate insight through alerts and robust dashboards, determine trends and gaps with full-scale reporting and more.


Also available at additional cost, BTA Team Training provides hands-on learning in support the development and implementation of your chosen process.

How do we add our protocols for bullying, sexual harassment, McKinney-Vento and other student wellbeing policies?

StudentSafe includes highly intuitive, do-it-yourself custom forms and cases. You can easily create your current protocols that may exist in paper forms, Google documents or some other system within StudentSafe, so everything is in one secure, centralized platform. Feature-rich options enable you to customize statuses, severities, workflows and more ensuring precise alignment with your current processes and terminology. As policies change, authorized staff can make updates to your processes in a matter of minutes.

Are the built-in methodologies for BTA and suicide prevention able to be modified?
Yes! Many schools start with a specific model but make adjustments to fit the unique needs of their school. Such modifications are easy to do and don’t require any custom programming or support from IT. Schools can also incorporate their own guidance and tips to help ensure consistency.
How does StudentSafe manage student data as they move around the district?

If a student is enrolled at more than one school in the district staff at each school can access the student’s chronology and collaborate on assessments, investigations and interventions. Likewise, a student’s chronology will move with them if they transfer to another school in the district and as they transition from one school to another, say elementary to middle school.


This capability is unique to Raptor StudentSafe!

Why do schools need StudentSafe?

To help manage the large volume of students needing support. StudentSafe empowers your staff with the ability to catalog low-level concerns so you can help students earlier when problems are more manageable. With your entire staff (custodians, bus drivers, food service personnel, etc.) able to enter their concerns you spread the responsibility and provide your counselor and support teams with more valuable information.


To help improve student outcomes. StudentSafe offers a highly intuitive platform where you can obtain a holistic view of individual students’ wellbeing. When school staff has a full picture, they are in a better position to collaborate with the student and caregivers and make decisions in the student’s best interest. Helping each student thrive drastically reduces threats of harm to self and others while also keeping your transfer rates low, and your completion rates high.


To help ensure your processes are conducted with fidelity and documented securely. StudentSafe helps reduce your liability when it comes to meeting compliance, requirements, and demonstrating that proven processes are followed with fidelity. The secure, cloud-based platform includes proven methodologies and thorough case management features for full documentation of findings, actions, and follow-through.


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*StudentSafe includes three BTA methodologies, the Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale and the SAFE-T tool. All other policies are created via custom forms by the district.


Putting Your Policies into Action

Student wellbeing policies are often created at the district, state or federal level and establish clear guidelines, expectations and boundaries. Having a bullying prevention policy, for example, is an excellent first step. Next comes the challenging work of establishing the step-by-step processes, training staff and creating measures of accountability to ensure that your policy is carried out with fidelity across your school. Putting your student wellbeing policies into action is easier with StudentSafe.