Safety and Security Directors

As the safety leader for your district, you have one job: make sure every child and every school is safe.

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Mitigate Risks

Keeping a tight rein on the day-in, day-out safety needs of a school district is a huge responsibility. Maintaining a thorough knowledge of exactly who is entering your schools and facilities, immediately recognizing potential threats, maintaining accurate records for full accountability — the importance of these actions to mitigating risk cannot be ignored.

"Raptor gives me real-time accountability for emergencies in the form of a cloud-based mobile tool. This is a huge step forward in our emergency preparedness!"
Emergency Manager

Be Prepared

Sooner or later, every district will face an emergency, be it weather-related, a gas leak, the result of a science lab accident or spill, or a dangerous human intrusion. Safety Directors and Emergency Managers across the country trust Raptor to ensure that schools are thoroughly prepared to deal with a broad range of potential situations so they can manage those emergencies efficiently and effectively.
be prepared

Raptor Essentials for Safety & Security Directors

  • Mutual goals of protecting every child, every school, every day
  • Software solutions to help bridge the visibility and communication gaps that occur between public safety and school safety personnel
  • A product line that helps secure both the outer and inner perimeter and evacuation processes to protect your students and staff
  • An easy-to-use mobile and desktop emergency notification system for all staff to initiate a campus-wide emergency response
  • Team Assist feature for day-to-day incidents such as a fight, medical emergency, or an angry parent
  • Ability to perform real-time group messaging and location sharing to enhance coordination and communication with first responders
  • Connected to RapidSOS for sharing precise location data and emergency details with 911 and dispatch operators
  • Raptor Alert enables all campus staff to initiate an alert and call 911 (or text 911 where available) from any location, all within the mobile application.
  • Integrated with Mutualink to initiate connected voice and video, letting any agency talk to and share information with partners
  • Raptor Connect enables native, bi-directional integration with your district’s digital security systems and peripherals at no additional cost
  • Raptor Connect gives users the power to initiate multiple emergency response mechanisms from one point
  • The Raptor Connect ecosystem of partners includes gun detection, mass communication, audio/visual systems and is continually growing
  • Drill Manager is fully integrated with the Raptor Panic Alert solution, so staff learn how to initiate an emergency, communicate through group messaging, share their location, and contact 9-1-1 through drills
  • Keep track of all your required drills and provide performance stats to district and school faculty
  • Utilize the incident commander dashboard to watch your drill performance in real-time
  • Real-time reports during an emergency show you the status and location of students and staff (safe, injured, missing, or absent) to prioritize resources where they are needed most
  • Leverage these same reports to coordinate with hospitals and emergency personnel so they can prepare for incoming patients
  • Directly integrated with Raptor Reunification to streamline the overall process of reuniting students with their approved guardians
  • Be ready to reunite families following any crisis and provide quick resolution for anxious parents
  • Customizable to district policies and procedures
  • Incident Commander dashboard allows vital information for decision making, including incident length, number, and status of students and reunited families
  • District-wide view of visitors and contractors who enter and exit your buildings
  • Screening processes and sex offender checks you can customize to your safety protocols
  • Robust sign in/out processes to know who is on your campus
  • Real-time and historical reporting to know who was in the building for investigative and analytical purposes
  • StudentSafe empowers your staff with the ability to catalog low-level concerns so you can help students earlier when problems are more manageable. With your entire staff (custodians, bus drivers, food service personnel, etc.) able to enter their concerns you spread the responsibility and provide your counselor and support teams with more valuable information
  • Helping each student thrive drastically reduces threats of harm to self and others
  • Low-level concerns may not seem worrisome as a single instance, however when others have similar encounters with the student and they are all documented in a central, secure place, teams can easily see patterns and a need for early help and support for the student
  • Raptor’s patented StudentSafe™ software includes the ability to document and manage low-level concerns, create student chronologies, run BTA workflows, manage BTA cases, gain immediate insight through alerts and robust dashboards, determine trends and gaps with full-scale reporting and more
  • StudentSafe helps reduce your liability when it comes to meeting compliance requirements and demonstrating that proven processes are followed with fidelity
  • Level 1-3 background checks for your volunteers to help you meet state and district mandates
  • Determine which volunteers should work directly with students, chaperone field trips, or participate in other opportunities
  • Robust reporting to know the exact status for every volunteer application
  • Create an audit trail for all your volunteer activities

Stories & Testimonials

Hear what some of our customers have to say.

School District Flags More Than Two Dozen Potentially Threatening Intruders

With the Raptor system, the district has successfully identified at least two dozen threatening individuals attempting to enter its schools, including several registered sex offenders and, more commonly, people attempting to violate restraining orders or flagged as dismissed former employees.

“Raptor gives our front office personnel an advantage in dealing with potentially dangerous visitors. Having the information built into the system makes a big difference. No more searching in a filing cabinet or trying to compare an unclear log entry to a printed, possibly out-of-date list. The badge stickers with the visitor’s picture—taken right from their driver’s license—are another big advantage. Students, teachers, and other staff members now have assurance that it’s OK for the visitor to be there."
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Michael Barbara
Safety Coordinator
Alhambra (CA) USD
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