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Charter Schools

Leveraging Technology To Help Create Safe Learning Environments

Charter Schools
Building a Culture of Safety

High-quality School Safety is Imperative for Charter Schools

Charter schools fulfill critical education needs for a diverse community while also addressing the basic need for physical and emotional safety which is essential for teaching and learning. Raptor supports these efforts with advanced safety technology designed for ease of use and a staff of school safety specialists whose passion is to protect every child, every school, every day.

Read how Raptor Helped Springs Charter Schools (CA) Keep Facilities Safer and Save Money. 

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Raptor Essentials for Charter Schools

  • School-wide view of visitors and contractors who enter and exit your buildings
  • Instantly screen against the national sex offender database as well as your own custom databases
  • Syncs directly with your student information system to ensure proper chain of custody
  • A visible sign of security for your school community
  • Raptor School Safety software ties together the critical aspects of safety throughout your campus, from prevention through recovery in a cohesive, easy-to-use software suite
  • Easy to deploy, with experienced, professional implementation teams from Raptor
  • Configurable to accommodate your school policies and procedures
  • Single sign-on and one global login to all Raptor products
  • Designed to work under duress, Raptor Alert is a silent panic alert system that works on the devices your schools use every day
  • Quickly initiate a response to a school- or district-wide emergency from any hard-wired, cellular, or wireless device
  • The same app is used for critical emergencies and everyday incidents, so staff learns one system to summon help
  • Load key documents and policies for easy access by your staff
  • Integrated with RapidSOS for sharing precise location data and emergency details with 911 and dispatch operators
  • Raptor Connect enables native, bi-directional integration with your district’s digital security systems and peripherals at no additional cost
  • Raptor Connect gives users the power to initiate multiple emergency response mechanisms from one point
  • The Raptor Connect ecosystem of partners includes gun detection, mass communication, audio/visual systems and much more
  • Keep track of all your drills and provide feedback to teachers and students on performance
  • Schedule drills in advance and receive reminders to help with compliance requirements
  • Include volunteers and visitors in your drills
  • Directly integrated with your Student Information System so staff can quickly and easily account for students based on class rosters
  • Staff can indicate the status of students, add students to their roster while automatically notifying others the student is accounted for and account for themselves, other staff and visitors
  • Real-time reports during an emergency show you the status and location of students and staff (safe, injured, missing, or absent) to prioritize your resources and speed communications
  • Incident Commander dashboard allows vital information for decision making, including incident length, number, and status of students and reunited families
  • Be ready to reunite families following any crisis and provide quick resolution for anxious parents
  • Minimizing trauma is directly correlated to safe, efficient reunification. Raptor Reunification software includes a patented reunification workflow aligned with and officially licensed by The “I Love U Guys” Foundation
  • Confidently reunify students with approved guardians
  • Raptor’s patented StudentSafe technology brings together the systems that help schools recognize, document, support and manage the wellbeing of individual students
  • Identifying and cataloging low-level concerns in StudentSafe provides a mechanism for schools to capture, track, and address early warning signs and potential issues in students’ well-being, helping facilitate early intervention
  • The intuitive and robust platform includes the ability to capture low-level concerns, conduct behavioral threat assessments and suicide risk assessments and manage such cases, ensuring positive student outcomes
  • Improve operational efficiency to move cars and buses through quicker and alleviate congestion on nearby roads​
  • Be prepared to greet big donors or VIPs before they enter school buildings by receiving alerts when they drive onto campus with Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR)
  • Manage a more efficient and safer carline dismissal by automatically identifying dismissal carline drivers by their license plates, RFID tags or GPS
  • Eliminate dismissal chaos with Parent Change Management where dismissal changes, late arrivals, carpool adjustments or after-school activities can be communicated
  • Accurate attendance records are important for safety, funding and accountability
  • Per-period attendance gives teachers more instructional time and less administrative burden when students check in to class using a QR code, barcode, or RFID tag
  • Schedule and roster data are pulled from your SIS to ensure accuracy, and attendance data can automatically be sent to your SIS for academic reporting
  • Identify patterns of students who may be abusing the privilege with Hall Pass Management
  • Customize and automate your volunteer application based on state requirements and your own policies
  • Reduce the approval process from weeks to hours
  • Online portal allows schools to send out information on upcoming activities with sign-up forms for volunteers
  • Track all your volunteer hours for reporting, matching funding, or recognizing volunteer hours
  • Empower and encourage your volunteers with self-serve access to their own information and up-to-date details on upcoming events

Resources to Help Improve the Safety of Charter Schools

Springs Charter Schools (CA) Keeps Facilities Safer, Saves Money with Raptor® System

Since going live, Springs has had three additional positive alerts. “Two were contractors, one of whom was a registered sex offender who had been working in our buildings for seven years,”

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