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As your district’s technology leader, you are constantly examining solutions that can affect improvements, reduce cost, manage risk, and enhance Efficiency to maximum learning gains and return on investment. Data security, ease of implementation, and ongoing support are table stakes for any safety solution on your campuses.

"The Raptor system represents a key component in our district's efforts to ensure the safety of our students and staff. The reporting capabilities alone almost make it worth its weight in gold."
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The Raptor School Safety Suite provides the security of a robust SaaS platform, connections into your SIS, and integrates directly into your local 911 PSAP center.

Raptor Essentials for Technology Managers

  • All-in-one installer and enterprise identity management makes implementing Raptor solutions easy and highly automated
  • Cloud-based solutions that don’t take up space on your district’s servers
  • A 100% US-based support team that answers customer calls within 13s, on average, has a 96% SLA resolution success rate, and an average resolution time of 9 minutes
  • Data is two-way data encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption both at rest and in-transit
  • 99.99% uptime hosted in Microsoft Azure
  • Conduct regular system security audits
  • Continuously monitor logins, system usage patterns, and usage frequency
  • District Student Information Systems are easily synced with the Raptor system through Raptor Link via Clever or ClassLink
  • Every visitor is screened against the sex offender databases in all 50 states, as well as your district’s custom databases
  • Maintain accurate and reliable record-keeping for every visitor who enters your buildings
  • Quickly and easily create reports for the entire district and individual schools
  • Easy implementation of scanners and printers with kiosk options available
  • Scalable platform that tracks an average of 400K volunteers donating more than 11 million hours to districts across the nation every year
  • The secure online system speeds the application process for volunteer background checks
  • Providing a “green” solution for volunteer management that eliminates paper applications every year
  • Works on all your existing platforms without purchasing new hardware, including Android and Apple phones and tablets, Windows and Chrome computers, and Chrome-based Promethean boards
  • The SIS and Raptor System Sync means student roster data is automatically ingested, along with visitor and volunteer details in the visitor management system, so you have a complete picture of who is in your building during an incident
  • Desktop & Mobile Access to emergency procedures, incident activation controls, and sophisticated communication tools
  • Raptor Alert calls connect to the local PSAP via standard E911 calls
  • Connected to RapidSOS for sharing precise location data and emergency details with 911 and dispatch operators
  • Integrated with Mutualink to initiate connected voice and video, letting any agency talk to and share information with partners on demand
  • Real-time reports during an emergency show you the status and location of students and staff (safe, injured, missing, or absent) to prioritize resources where they are needed most
  • Leverage these same reports to coordinate with hospitals and emergency personnel so they can prepare for incoming patients
  • Directly integrated with Raptor Reunification to streamline the overall process of reuniting students with their approved guardians
  • Modern software solutions to support your evacuation and reunification processes
  • Tools to prevent frustrated and concerned parents during a chaotic event
  • Meet state or district requirements for reunification

Stories & Testimonials

Hear what some of our happy customers have to say.

School District Flags More Than Two Dozen Potentially Threatening Intruders

With the Raptor system, the district has successfully identified at least two dozen threatening individuals attempting to enter its schools, including several registered sex offenders and, more commonly, people attempting to violate restraining orders or flagged as dismissed former employees.

“Raptor gives our front office personnel an advantage in dealing with potentially dangerous visitors. Having the information built into the system makes a big difference. No more searching in a filing cabinet or trying to compare an unclear log entry to a printed, possibly out-of-date list. The badge stickers with the visitor’s picture—taken right from their driver’s license—are another big advantage. Students, teachers, and other staff members now have assurance that it’s OK for the visitor to be there."
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Michael Barbara
Safety Coordinator
Alhambra (CA) USD
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