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Keep Your School Safe During Severe Weather

7 Best Practices to Keep Your Schools Safe During Severe Weather

One of the most important components of severe weather response is being prepared before inclement weather strikes. This includes having …

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3 Things Schools Should Prioritize as They Reopen

Top 3 Things Schools Should Prioritize as They Reopen

Paul Timm, board-certified Physical Security Professional (PSP) and nationally acclaimed school safety expert, recently spoke with Raptor about the top 3 things schools should focus on this back-to-school. These priorities include collaborating …

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Return to School Roadmap

Return to School Roadmap: How to Accomplish the Three “Landmark” Priorities

The U.S. Department of Education (ED) clearly states its position on reopening schools: “We must keep opening school doors and welcoming students back into …

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Survey Shows Insights into K-12 School Safety Policies

Survey Shows Where Schools Have Improved–or Regressed–in K-12 School Safety Policies

Campus Safety Magazine’s 2021 Access Control & Lockdown Deep Dive Survey provides insight into over 400 K-12 school, university, and healthcare safety policies. Below …

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2021 State of School Safety Report

K-12 Experts Discuss Key Findings From the 2021 State of School Safety Report

The 2021 State of School Safety Report, developed by Safe and Sound Schools and Raptor Technologies, revealed how staff, administrators, students, and guardians …

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school hurricane shelter

Top 3 Ways K-12 Safety Software Helps School Disaster and Hurricane Shelters Operate and Stay Secure

Schools make a perfect emergency and disaster shelter for communities. There are many reasons for this: schools are in nearly …

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2021 Hurricane Season

2021 Hurricane Season Already Proving to Be “Above-Normal” 

The U.S. experienced a record-breaking hurricane season last year, with 30 named storms, including 13 hurricanes and 6 major hurricanes. As we discuss below, scientists predict 2021 …

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Podcast Navigating School Safety

Podcast Summary: Navigating School Safety and Emergencies

“Our children are coming back to campus. Who knows what we’re going to face in just a few short months…Now …

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School Visitor Issues and Conflicts

Handling 6 Common School Visitor Issues and Conflicts

It’s important to know precisely who you are welcoming into your schools. You can accomplish this with a school visitor management system that screens a …

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Severe Weather Plan 

How to Determine When to Activate Your Severe Weather Plan  

Every storm, every region, and every school are different. When you find yourself in a severe weather event—or preparing for …

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Its Evident: Proactive Safety Requires Schools to Collaborate With Parents and Students

The unfortunate reality is that violent incidents can happen at any time and anywhere. No school or person is immune …

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How to Purchase School Safety Software With the BJA STOP School Violence Grant Program

The Student, Teachers, and Officers Preventing (STOP) School Violence Grant Program provided through the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) funds …

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