raptor system stops missouri sex offender trying to enter a school

This article originally appeared on The Kansas city star. To view the original article, click here. Aug 19, 2018 Robert M. Atwell Jr., 40, of Marceline, Missouri WASHINGTON COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE A man accompanied a woman to a Tennessee elementary school early Monday morning to register her child for classes. It was the first day of school

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Northern Kentucky school district installs Raptor check in system

This article originally appeared on wcpo 9 News. To view the original article, click here. Emily Hanford-Ostmann Feb 12, 2019 By: Emily Hanford-Ostmann NEWPORT, Ky. — Parents and other adults visiting a Newport public school during regular hours must have an ID on hand. Newport Independent Schools installed the new background-checking software, Raptor, which scans visitors’ IDs before they go

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Raptor Visitor Management System

Cleveland City Schools making changes to keep students safe

This article originally appeared on WRCBtv news. To view the original article, click here. Anna Huffstutler November 26th 2018 The school system has started using the Raptor Visitor Management System to make their schools safer. Next time you visit a Cleveland City school, you will notice some changes. The school system has started using the Raptor Visitor Management

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The Role of Technology in Today’s School Safety Landscape

This post originally appeared on Safe and Sound Schools and was written by Dan Trepanier. To view the original post, click here. Everyone wants the schools in their community to be safe. We can all agree on this. Yet, safety is often taken for granted. For decades, schools were considered a safe haven where caring

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Every Second Counts Emergency Management

Every Second Counts

Crisis. It’s the last thing anyone ever wants. No matter how strong you are, what you’ve been through or how much crisis training you’ve taken — no one wants to go through an emergency situation. Our schools are one place where preparing for crisis incidents needs to be a regular occurrence. The fire drills from

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