How Visitor Management Can Play a Critical Role in Reopening the Nations Schools

School closures and shelter-in-place restrictions have placed huge demands on students, parents, administrators, and teachers. School officials and faculty have shown tremendous agility and dedication in adapting instruction, resource distribution, and meal delivery to keep meeting their students’ needs in the face of the pandemic. This flexibility and innovation,   occurring as it has within days

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Delivering Personal & Graduation Items to Students During COVID-19

As the school year reaches its end and social distancing remains in effect, there is an increased focus on delivering personal items left behind and/or graduation items to students. This type of distribution, where items belong to specific students, can be difficult to manage and bring challenges such as: Ensuring items are delivered to the

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Standard Distribution Method™ Helps Schools Respond to Crises and Deliver Resources to Students During School Closures

With thousands of school closures in response to COVID-19, The “I Love U Guys” Foundation®—a well-known school safety organization that provides research-based best practices to help schools respond to crises—realized it could modify its Standard Reunification Method™ (SRM) to meet schools’ needs for distributing critical resources to students, such as homework, learning devices, and meals.

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Access Control vs. Visitor Management Systems

Access Control vs. Visitor Management Systems A primary concern for educators and parents alike is a threatening intruder entering a school and endangering the lives of students and staff. Two key tools districts rely on to stop intruders are visitor management systems and access control systems. Although both systems help provide a safer environment by

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Key Components of an Offsite Parent-Student Reunification

A Streamlined Reunification Process Minimizes Fear and Chaos When a student finds himself in a crisis event at school, one of his first thoughts is getting to safety and finding his caregivers. Moreover, research shows that the sooner students are reunited with their caregivers, the less likely they are to suffer from symptoms of traumatic

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Madison County Schools install Raptor to flag unsafe visitors

This article originally appeared on WHNT 19News. To view the original article, click here. Jun 21, 2019   MADISON COUNTY, Ala. — The Madison County Board of Education is investing in some serious security for their schools. It’s a new system that keeps track of every visitor, where they are, who they are, and checks a

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6 Tips for School Violence Prevention

877-772-7867 Facebook Twitter Linkedin Youtube Get Started Request A Quote 6 Tips for school violence prevention School violence can be prevented.  A predictable “pathway to violence” can be observed as school shooters plan out their attacks ahead of time, disclosing these plans through friends, social media, and assignments.  Often multiple adults are troubled by their

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raptor system stops missouri sex offender trying to enter a school

This article originally appeared on The Kansas city star. To view the original article, click here. Aug 19, 2018 Robert M. Atwell Jr., 40, of Marceline, Missouri WASHINGTON COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE A man accompanied a woman to a Tennessee elementary school early Monday morning to register her child for classes. It was the first day of school

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Northern Kentucky school district installs Raptor check in system

This article originally appeared on wcpo 9 News. To view the original article, click here. Emily Hanford-Ostmann Feb 12, 2019 By: Emily Hanford-Ostmann NEWPORT, Ky. — Parents and other adults visiting a Newport public school during regular hours must have an ID on hand. Newport Independent Schools installed the new background-checking software, Raptor, which scans visitors’ IDs before they go

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Raptor Visitor Management System

Cleveland City Schools making changes to keep students safe

This article originally appeared on WRCBtv news. To view the original article, click here. Anna Huffstutler November 26th 2018 The school system has started using the Raptor Visitor Management System to make their schools safer. Next time you visit a Cleveland City school, you will notice some changes. The school system has started using the Raptor Visitor Management

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The Role of Technology in Today’s School Safety Landscape

This post originally appeared on Safe and Sound Schools and was written by Dan Trepanier. To view the original post, click here. Everyone wants the schools in their community to be safe. We can all agree on this. Yet, safety is often taken for granted. For decades, schools were considered a safe haven where caring

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Every Second Counts

Crisis. It’s the last thing anyone ever wants. No matter how strong you are, what you’ve been through or how much crisis training you’ve taken — no one wants to go through an emergency situation. Our schools are one place where preparing for crisis incidents needs to be a regular occurrence. The fire drills from

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Equipped Against Chaos

Sandy Hook. Columbine. Marysville. Nickel Mines. Our nation has seen tragedy strike in our schools month after month, year after year. The shootings at these schools have been terrifying, complex, and stress the need on all of us for schools to have a serious plan for school safety. Fires, tornados, bomb threats, active shooters, gas

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Five Hundred Million

That’s how many hours our volunteers spend in schools every single year. 500,000,000 Hours. That’s over 57,000 people years! That’s almost as long as it took to build the Great Pyramid in Egypt. That’s the more than nine times the length of modern human civilization on our planet that is contributed voluntarily every single year to our

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A Scary Carnival

Imagine, if you will: it’s Wednesday, October 22nd. Your school’s fall carnival is less than three days away. You have 20 game booths, 10 concession stands, and a silent auction to manage over a four-hour carnival. That means you need over 100 volunteers. Last year’s carnival raised more than $25,000 to help fund programs at

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Safe Schools

Everyone wants the schools in their community to be safe. We can all agree on this. Often times, though, safety is taken for granted. For decades, schools were considered a safe haven where caring teachers taught and young children learned. Even when circumstances in the world outside were chaotic, schools were a safe place. Over the

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Imagine A World

Technology is an amazing thing. In the past two decades, the advancement of technology has revolutionized nearly every facet of our lives. Personal computers make us more productive and able to do things we never could before. The rise of the Internet and the power of cloud computing combined gives us access to information at

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The Front Door

Technology is a critical component in the education of our nation’s children. “Overall education technology spending globally will reach $19 billion by 2019,” states Fortune magazine (April 28, 2015). However, there is one critical area where investments are lagging behind: The Front Door. In an increasingly technology-driven era in our schools, many of the institutions

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