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Ohio funding helps schools

New Ohio Funding Helps Schools Purchase Safety Software

With the recent rise in school violence across the country, Ohio has responded with increased funding to help K-12 schools prepare for and respond to safety concerns.   “Having a safe …

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Police Chief Shares 4 Strategies to Address School Violence

The drastic increase in school violence does not surprise Chief Frank Kitzerow, President of the National Association of School and Campus Police Chiefs. “We’ve been having …

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woman speaking to receptionist

5 More Things Your School Visitor Management System Must Do (Part 2)

A first line of defense in keeping unwanted visitors out is knowing exactly who is trying to gain access to your …

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Woman passing ID to lady at check-in

5 Things Your School Visitor Management System Must Do (Part 1)

Schools that rely on handwritten visitor logs or inaccurate visitor screenings put their students and staff at risk. Using a visitor management …

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Are School Shootings Contagious?

On July 28, 2019, a school shooting occurred in Gilroy, California. Shortly after, two additional school shootings occurred one after another. One in El …

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Top 6 Questions to Ask when Evaluating a Visitor Management Partner

Keeping unwanted entrants out is your first line of defense for a safer school. Custody issues also present schools with huge security concerns, …

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K-12 Safety Drill Guidance for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

School safety drills can be challenging and sometimes even dangerous for students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This is because, according to the National Association …

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Empower substitute teachers

How to Empower Substitute Teachers to Keep Students Safe

Substitute teachers play an important role in our schools, yet they are often forgotten about during school emergency response planning and drills. As Dr. Jaclyn …

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Inclusive School Safety Planning

Inclusive School Safety Planning: How to Build a Safer School for All

Safe and Sound Schools has released their latest program, Especially Safe. The program is designed to help safety planning teams to develop emergency operation plans that are …

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