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Partner with Law Enforcement for School Emergencies

Experts Share How to Partner with Law Enforcement Before and During School Emergencies

Imagine you are a first responder, and you were just alerted of an emergency at a local elementary school. You …

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Student Violence and Fighting

Schools Must Be Prepared as Student Violence and Fighting Increases

Before the school year started, K-12 safety experts warned that the isolation, trauma, and other hardships experienced during the pandemic can lead …

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lessons learned from school shooting

Columbine Principal Shares Three Lessons Learned from School Shooting

“I was sitting in my office getting ready to go on lunch duty…My secretary runs in and says, ‘Frank, there’s …

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school emergency response blog

Three Tips to Build an Effective School Emergency Response Team

Every school needs an emergency response team that can quickly activate the proper response and keep everyone safe throughout an emergency. Whether the incident is an active shooter, gas leak, bomb threat, or …

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lessons learned from school shooting

Seven Lessons Learned from a 2021 School Shooting

Two students and one adult were shot during the Rigby Middle School (RMS) shooting in May 2021. The Idaho School …

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School Bus Safety blog

How to Empower Bus Drivers to Keep Students Safe and Respond to Emergencies

National School Bus Safety Week is October 18-22, 2021. This week encourages teachers, school bus drivers, admins, and other members …

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K-12 Weather Safety

Missouri Superintendent Shares Lessons Learned and K-12 Weather Safety Tips

In May 2011, a devastating EF-5 tornado—the classification for a tornado with at least 200 mph winds— tore through Joplin, Missouri. The tornado …

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Keep Your School Safe During Severe Weather

7 Best Practices to Keep Your Schools Safe During Severe Weather

One of the most important components of severe weather response is being prepared before inclement weather strikes. This includes having …

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3 Things Schools Should Prioritize as They Reopen

Top 3 Things Schools Should Prioritize as They Reopen

Paul Timm, board-certified Physical Security Professional (PSP) and nationally acclaimed school safety expert, recently spoke with Raptor about the top 3 things schools should focus on this back-to-school. These priorities include collaborating …

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