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Keep track of everyone during school emergencies


Account for Everyone in Just a Few Simple Steps

Connected with your student information system, Raptor enables teachers and staff to account for themselves, students, and visitors directly in the Raptor mobile app while providing real-time status and location information.

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Stay Informed as the Emergency Progresses

Raptor updates in real-time as status and location data changes, making it easy for incident commanders and first responders to know exactly where someone is located and whether they are safe or in need of medical assistance.

Give Responders the Details They Need to Save Lives

First responders can see data on all students and staff, including information on location, status, medical conditions and allergies, and guardian contact information. This helps them know where they’re needed most so they can get on the scene fast and triage any victims.
Give Responders the Details

Automatically Create After-Incident Reports

Intuitive dashboards update in real-time during emergencies and provide summary views for after-incident reporting. These reports include a detailed history of events for each individual.
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