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Raptor and Critical Response Group: Partnering For Real-Time Communication in Emergency Situations

The Power of a Common Operating Picture and Emergency Management Software 

Raptor and Critical Response Group
“Combining the capabilities of Raptor and CRG allows school officials and first responders to receive quick alerts and increase their situational awareness when reacting to an emergency.”

Patrick Kissane, Director of School Safety and Security at Edison Township School District

Critical Incident Mapping – the Benefits of a Common Operating Picture

Paper and one-dimensional digital maps are obsolete for today’s school emergencies. And overly complex virtual reality or 3D maps that are difficult to access and slow to download are far too cumbersome to operationalize when seconds matter.

Collaborative Response Graphics® (CRGs®) from Critical Response Group prepare first responders for more effective command and control when responding to unfamiliar locations and provide school personnel a way to communicate precisely where an incident is happening and where assistance is needed.

Critical Incident Mapping – What is It?

CRGs are standardized, site-specific, and geo-rectified “common operating pictures” that combine floor plans, high-resolution imagery, and a gridded overlay together into one digital map, enabling first responders to rapidly understand the layout of the facility regardless of their familiarity with the location. 

Use a MICRO CRG to understand the detailed structure of the building: 

  • View high-resolution imagery and floorplans as if you are directly overhead 
  • Allows those with no previous knowledge of the facility to quickly understand the layout 
  • Use to communicate to first responders where you are as well as the current location of the incident 

Use a MACRO CRG to understand the outer perimeter of the entire property or location:

  • Identify traffic control points and traffic management 
  • Identify designated areas for arriving family members for reunification 
  • Identify positions for command posts and supporting personnel and equipmen 

This rapid comprehension combined with a clear, concise, common language allows for the fastest response to an emergency once first responders arrive on site. 

CRG - Facility Map in Raptor EM
Raptor Alert

Emergency Management Software– Mobile Panic Alert and Reunification

Raptor Alert® mobile panic button enables staff to initiate a response from wherever they are on campus. This instantly sends detailed, situation-specific alerts to first responders, teachers, and staff across devices to inform them of what action is needed based on their district protocols.

Once an incident is contained, the process of student-family reunification must begin as soon as possible. Raptor Reunification® aligns with the proven practices of The “I Love U Guys” Foundation® Standard Reunification Method (SRM) and ensures your district follows each step in the process; reunifying families up to four times faster. And with shared access to MACRO CRGs, the logistics of the district’s reunification plan can be clearly communicated between school personnel and law enforcement agencies.

Raptor and CRG – Tying It Together

Through the Raptor and CRG partnership, Raptor Alert and Reunification users can: 

  • Initiate a response from wherever they are on campus and from any hard-wired, wireless, or cellular device
  • Participate in real-time group messaging for timely communications including location and site details 
  • Quickly view emergency operations plans, reunification plans, and other emergency documents 
  • Gain shared visibility to CRG digital maps, enabling users at the school and first responders across departments to simultaneously reference identical, easy-to-understand digital sitemaps 
  • For districts using SRM and SRP, integrate out-of-the-box and/or customize to your emergency protocols
Watch how Raptor, in partnership with CRG, collaborated with school and city staff for a parent-student reunification exercise at Midlothian ISD (TX).

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CRG and Raptor Technologies are working together to provide efficient protection for first responders in schools through digital floor plan mapping technology.

School Emergency Response Best Practices

Past school tragedies are heartbreaking reminders of how time equals life, and that we cannot afford even one second of delayed or inaccurate correspondence with dispatchers and responders.
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