Drill Manager

Prepare your school for any situation, track all drills, and eliminate compliance risks.

Satisfy Compliance Mandates

Avoid spending hours digging through audit records and manual reports trying to demonstrate school safety drill compliance. Raptor School Safety Drill Manager allows you to access both district-level and school-level reports that can easily be customized and scheduled for analytical and investigative purposes.

Satisfy Compliance
Build Muscle Memory

Build Muscle Memory

In a true emergency, a person’s motor skills and ability to process information to make decisions are severely degraded. By using the same interface for both drills and real emergencies, you can help your staff build muscle memory and confidence in their ability to respond effectively during an emergency.
  • Initiate and run school drills directly from any mobile or web-enabled device
  • Automated notifications remind each school of upcoming drills
  • Get back to the classroom faster with real-time dashboards to speed completion

Detailed Dashboards

Safety hinges not just on how well you conduct your drills but what you learn from them. Analyzing drill performance to understand gaps and weaknesses can help improve outcomes, yet this requires visibility to data that provides your school with crucial insights.

  • Highly detailed dashboards allow administrators to scan drill status quickly for every building, drill type, and compliance status.
  • Dashboards update in real-time as drills progress, allowing school staff and first responders to see key metrics, like who was accounted for and when.
  • Reports enable you to demonstrate compliance with state and district requirements and produce accurate status reports for individual schools or the entire district.
School Drill Manager System Dashboards

What Our Customers Are Saying

"The Raptor system and app have transformed everyone’s attitude toward safety drills. When I go out to the campuses and observe, every staff member is completely engaged and focused."
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Robinson Independent School District, TX
"The ability to schedule and direct drills from a single dashboard, the automatic email notifications— it’s really helping us with compliance. Plus, we save money by not having to hire a dedicated drill management and compliance person."
Spring Charter Schools, CA
“Raptor Drill Manager is fantastic. It makes monitoring and keeping track of our compliance so simple. The Department of Education visits us a lot to make sure we’re in compliance. We’ve been audited twice already. I used to keep track of drills by hand, but now with Raptor, it’s very simple and a lot of that manual work is gone.”
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Charlotte County Public Schools, FL
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