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Cleveland City Schools making changes to keep students safe

This article originally appeared on WRCBtv news. To view the original article, click here. Anna Huffstutler November 26th 2018 The …

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The Role of Technology in Todays School Safety Landscape

Updated May 2021 Experts recommend that schools take a balanced, holistic, and robust approach to school safety in order to …

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Every Second Counts

Crisis. It’s the last thing anyone ever wants. No matter how strong you are, what you’ve been through or how …

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Equipped Against Chaos

Sandy Hook. Columbine. Marysville. Nickel Mines. Our nation has seen tragedy strike in our schools month after month, year after …

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Five Hundred Million

That’s how many hours our volunteers spend in schools every single year. 500,000,000 Hours. Thats over 57,000 people years! That’s …

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A Scary Carnival

Imagine, if you will: it’s Wednesday, October 22nd. Your schools fall carnival is less than three days away. You have …

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Safe Schools

Everyone wants the schools in their community to be safe. We can all agree on this. Often times, though, safety …

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Imagine A World

Technology is an amazing thing. In the past two decades, the advancement of technology has revolutionized nearly every facet of …

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The Front Door

Technology is a critical component in the education of our nation’s children. “Overall education technology spending globally will reach $19 …

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