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Texas School Safety Funding Update

Panic alert funding for Texas schools

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The state of Texas recently announced two budget execution orders transferring $980.1 million to public safety initiatives, including funding for the purchase of silent panic alert technology (SPAT) and other school safety programs and equipment. The following are details of SPAT funding which is now available. The deadline to request grant money is Jan. 31, 2023. 

Texas SPAT Grant Program Guidelines

SPAT Program guidelines: 

1. To purchase silent panic alert technologies as a measure of school safety. It may include:

a. Wired panic button or buttons,
b. Wireless panic button or buttons, or 
c. A mobile or computer application. 

2. Provided the silent panic alert technology is a primary component, LEAs may use grant funds to purchase comprehensive school safety software systems that include, but are not limited to: 

3. The LEA must implement a communications infrastructure with a panic alert button, duress, or equivalent alarm system, via standalone hardware or integrated into other telecommunications devices, that includes the following functionality:  

a. An alert capable of being triggered manually by campus staff;
An alert is triggered automatically in the event a district employee calls 911 from any location within the school system; 
With any alert generated, the location of where the alert originated shall be included; 
d. The alert automatically notifies: 

i. Designated school administrators as needed to provide confirmation of response, and
ii. Law enforcement and emergency responder agencies (when confirmed by school administration), and
iii. All school staff of the need to follow appropriate emergency procedures; and  

e. The alert system will trigger any exterior doors with remote locking to automatically lock and to automatically notify relevant campus staff of any door where the lock cannot engage. 

Learn more about the SPAT grant and how the Raptor Emergency Management solution can help you maximize your districts use of these funds and comply with the above program requirements.  

How Texas Districts Get SPAT Funding

According to the TEA program guidelines, districts must submit the application for these grant programs electronically through the TEA eGrants system. Refer to the General and Fiscal Guidelines for more specific information about accessing eGrants and obtaining the required TEA Login (TEAL) user ID and password. 

More Texas School Safety Funding to Come

According to the October 27th budget execution order, an additional $874.6 million will be transferred to state agencies and programs for public safety initiatives that include school safety. The funding specific to school safety will provide: 

  • $400 million to assist school districts in replacing or upgrading doors, windows, fencing, communications, and other safety measures; 
  • $15 million to assist in the construction of a new elementary school in Uvalde; 
  • $100 million to the Texas Division of Emergency Management for COVID-19 response expenses. 

Additional information and guidance will be forthcoming on grant opportunities for districts to utilize these additional funds. 

Speak with a Raptor funding expert

Raptor’s funding specialists can help you maximize the impact of these funds. Our software was built to help schools manage every stage of safety with an all-in-one, user-friendly suite that empowers you to approve all entrants, manage volunteers, and confidently respond to any emergency. Get in touch today. 

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