The U.S. Department of Education announces allocation of nearly $1 billion in Stronger Connections Grant funds

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The U.S. Department of Education has announced each State’s allocation of the funds available under the BSCA FY 2022 Stronger Connections Grant Program (SCG). These funds will help schools provide students with safer and healthier learning environments. 

What’s Next: States develop competitive grant programs

State educational agencies (SEAs) will now develop their competitive grant programs. In this letter from the Secretary of Education to Chief State School Officers, the U.S. Department of Education encourages States to prioritize funds for local educational agency (LEA) applicants who demonstrate a strong commitment to the following: 

  1. Implementing comprehensive, evidence-based strategies that meet student social, emotional, and mental well-being needs;
  2. Engaging students, families, educators, staff, and community organizations in the selection and implementation of strategies and interventions to create safe, inclusive, and supportive learning environments; and
  3. Designing and implementing policies and practices that are responsive to underserved students, protect student rights, and demonstrate respect for student dignity and potential.

    To meet this goal, the Department encourages States and LEAs to increase investments in professional development, comprehensive emergency management planning, behavioral and trauma- or grief-informed mental health supports for students (including addressing hate, bullying, and harassment), and other best practices that increase students’ safety, belonging, and mental health and well-being. They also encourage States and LEAs to select developmentally and culturally appropriate and trauma-informed emergency training, security measures, and other schoolwide policies.  

How schools can use the Upcoming SCG funds

Raptor provides integrated visitor, volunteer, emergency management, safeguarding, and early intervention software and services that cover the complete spectrum of school and student safety. Our StudentSafe and Emergency Management software are directly applicable to the SCG goals.  

Raptor StudentSafe

Raptor StudentSafe helps schools recognize, document, support, and manage the wellbeing of individual students in one intuitive and connected platform.  

StudentSafe gives authorized staff a holistic view, centralized communications, and a full chronology of observances, incidents, actions, and responses. 

Raptor Emergency Management

Raptor Emergency Management allows schools to better manage their security.  

Our Emergency Management software includes: 

Drill Manager – Track drill activity and ensure each of their schools are satisfying compliance mandates.   

Raptor Alert – Request help from first responders during emergencies with a single swipe.

Accountability – Keep track of everyone during school emergencies

Reunification – Quickly and safely reunify students and their guardians 

Raptor Connect – Activate all your safety technologies from a single point 

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