Celebrating 20 Years. From Humble Beginnings to Industry Leader

Raptor 20th Anniversary

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By Chris Hardman, Customer Success 

As Raptor Technologies celebrates its 20th year, we are reminded of both humble beginnings and the path that lies ahead. Founder Allan Measom launched Raptor from his home by developing a visitor management solution for a corporate partner. At the request of a police chief, Meason expanded the Raptor customer base to include K-12 school districts. Quickly, Raptor emerged as the industry leader in K-12 visitor management. Measom had developed a product that provided a solution to a need many schools were looking to fill but previously had no corporate partner to work with. 

Providing Overdue School Safety Solutions

As the specter of safety concerns across K-12 campuses in the United States grew, Raptor was there to listen and innovate. When devastating school shootings in Newtown, CT and Parkland, FL occurred, Raptor quickly evolved to help ensure school campuses had the tools and support to move forward as safely as possible. Blending the school safety software expertise of a diverse workforce, Raptor positioned itself to react swiftly to the needs of partners by providing functional solutions that span an entire safety ecosystem to help schools prevent, prepare, respond and recover from emergency situations. These powerful tools are used by over 5000 school districts across the county and have reinforced that Raptor is their partner in school safety.

The Road Ahead. What’s Next?

Twenty years removed from Mr. Measom’s initial visitor management offering; Raptor is a mission-driven company that stands positioned alongside customers as the gold standard in school safety. The growth of the company is evident in an increased workforce and state-of-the-art office space in Houston, TX. Aside from the strides made in visitor and volunteer software upgrades and emergency management, Raptor has expanded to include an acquisition with the Child Protection Online Management (CPOMS) company headquartered in the United Kingdom. From there, Raptor StudentSafewas born to help ensure students get the mental health support they need early to prevent violence against themselves or others. 

A Commitment to Customer Success

Although Raptor has evolved in the last twenty years in terms of scope, footprint and product offerings, there is one constant. Raptor provides outstanding customer experiences. From the beginning, Raptor has developed and grown a culture that prioritizes customer success, and it remains the core tenet of everything Raptor does. Unparalleled in the industry is Raptor’s commitment and ability to stand alongside our partners from the time they join the Raptor family, throughout the long life of our relationship together. Raptor employees care for the partners they are privileged to work with and stand alongside them in our shared mission of making schools a safer place for alland it’s reflected in a 98% customer retention rate. 

The Next Twenty Years…and Beyond

Much like the last twenty years, Raptor is steadied for unparalleled growth. The safety issues of the day are forever changing, and Raptor refuses to rest on past accomplishments. We are committed to stand with our schools, as they rely on us daily to meet their safety needs. We will continue to innovate and grow. We will continue to provide the solutions our schools need and deserve. We will never stop providing outstanding customer experiences. More than anything, though, we will stay aligned with our mission that began many years ago to protect every child, every school, every day.

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