Pennsylvania School Districts Eligible to Receive Up to $50k From Safety Grants

PA PDE Grants

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Breaking down what’s available. Deadline to apply is November 14, 2022. 

The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) Office for Safe Schools’ Safe Schools Targeted Grants will provide schools with funding that can be put towards resources to prevent violence. School entities (public school districts, charter schools, cyber charter schools, or career and technical centers) are eligible to receive up to $50,000 to purchase equipment and/or fund programs/activities approved by PDE’s Office for Safe Schools. Private schools are also eligible to apply but will need to work with their intermediate units (IUs) in order to do so.  

The deadline for submissions is November 14, 2022, at 11:59pm. No exceptions will be made. 

How Pennsylvania Schools Can Use the Targeted Grants

The Office for Safe Schools is authorized to make targeted grants to school entities to fund programs which address school violence; the specific language of which can be found within the  ‘Office for Safe Schools Targeted Grants – Program and Equipment’ document. Examples of solutions that are compliant with program requirements include: 

  1. Comprehensive school safety, violence prevention, emergency preparedness and all hazards plans inclusive of the whole school entity or nonpublic school, including revisions or updates to such plans and conducting emergency preparedness drills and related activities with local emergency responders.

Raptor Drill Manager allows districts to track drill activity and ensure each of their schools are satisfying compliance mandates. 

  1. Security planning, purchase of security-related technology which may include metal detectors, protective lighting, surveillance equipment, special emergency communications equipment, electronic locksets, deadbolts and theft control devices and training in the use of security-related technology.

Raptor Alert is classified as emergency communications equipment as it allows schools to request help from first responders during emergencies with a single swipe. The Raptor customer success program augments your district’s safety team with extensive support, customer training packages and expert focus on your unique safety initiatives. 

  1. Institution of student, staff and visitor identification systems, including criminal background check software.

Raptor Visitor Management can be used to screen visitors against sex offender and custom databases, thus preventing dangerous individuals from being allowed on campus.

How Pennsylvania Schools Can Apply for Funding

Applications must be submitted via eGrants by November 14th at 11:59pm. Since the grants are competitive, not all schools who apply will be awarded funds. A multi-disciplinary team appointed by PDE’s Office for Safe Schools will be reviewing applications for the following criteria: 

  • Supporting data 
  • Goals and objectives 
  • Program or Equipment Plan Implementation – Plan of Action
  • Expected Outcomes
  • Sustainability
  • Budget
  • Priority Areas Met 

Raptor funding specialists are available to help throughout the grant process—just fill out this form to get started. 

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