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Visitor Management Key Benefits

Gain Full Visibility

Screen every visitor, including contractors, guardians, and volunteers, instantly against the most reliable U.S. sex offender databases in all 50 states as well as custom databases.

Instantly Alert Others of an Unwanted Visitor  

If a visitor is identified as a risk, instant real-time alerts are sent via text and/or email to an unlimited number of recipients that can be customized by building.

Easily Access Robust, Accurate Records 

Generate district- or school-level reports with a complete sign-in history for every person entering your schools.

Visitor Management Check-in

Integrated School Safety Solution

The Raptor Visitor Management system is used by more schools than all other K-12 visitor management systems combined. 

Visitor Management COVID-19 Screening


Screen students, staff, and visitors for COVID-19 exposure with remote and on-site options and facilitate contact tracing.

Visitor Management Software - Student and Staff


Confidently release students, track tardies, and early dismissals. Track and record campus and district-wide faculty sign-ins.

Visitor Management Self-Service Kiosks


Enable visitors, contractors, and volunteers to sign in with minimal or no staff assistance, facilitating contactless check-in. 

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