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Guide to K-12 Visitor Management

Best Practices for Year-Round Safety

Guide to K-12 Visitor Management

4 Ways This Guide Helps You Best Leverage Visitor Management to Its Fullest Potential

Gain Control

Learn how a powerful K-12 visitor management system can keep your school safe.

Develop a Process

Include best practices in your school visitor management policy and ensure it evolves as new challenges, arise.

Apply to Grants

See how to apply to K-12 safety grants that can fund your visitor management system.

Be Successful

Choose the right partner to implement your system, thoroughly train your staff, and support you long-term.

“Raptor works really well. Safety and security are paramount to us, and the Raptor system helps ensure that all of our learners are safe every day.”

Laramie County School District, WY

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Download the Guide

Learn best practices that can help you best leverage visitor management to its fullest potential.

What's Inside

  • Chapter 1

    Keeping Your Schools Safe With an Automated Visitor Management System
    Prevent school staff from admitting unsafe visitors or releasing students to non-custodial guardians.

  • Chapter 2

    What Makes a Good Visitor Management System
    Consider these top benefits as you evaluate visitor management systems or determine if your existing system is thoroughly protecting your school.

  • Chapter 3

    Developing Your Visitor Management Policy
    Learn best practices for using K-12 visitor management and how to write a policy specifically for your school.

  • Chapter 4

    Funding Sources for Visitor Management
    Using K-12 safety grants to purchase your system.

  • Chapter 5

    Following Best Practices for Implementation and Training
    Learn how K-12 safety experts implement visitor management systems and ensure your continued success.

  • Chapter 6

    Choosing the Right Partner for Long-Term Success
    Choose a partner with expertise and empathy who puts your goals first and is committed to your long-term success.

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