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Florida HB 1421: What Schools Need to Know About the School Safety Updates

Apr 13, 2022

Listen to this blog (5 mins) Florida Office of Safe Schools announces major updates that address the need for Florida […]

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How to Improve School Emergency Response with Integrated School Safety Technologies from Raptor® and Mutualink®

Apr 08, 2022

Listen to this blog (4 mins) Powered by Raptor Technologies and Mutualink, schools can streamline emergency response with improved data […]

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Florida bill aimed at improving school security is necessary next step, experts say

Apr 07, 2022

This article originally appeared in ABC Action News. To view the original article, click here. TAMPA, Fla. — Florida lawmakers […]

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Student Toxic Stress Leads to Anxiety, Depression, and Poor Academic Performance

Apr 06, 2022

Listen to this blog (6 mins) It’s well known that prolonged stress of any kind can lead to mental and […]

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Why Should Schools Implement Mentoring Programs?

Apr 01, 2022

Listen to this blog (3 mins) Every student’s story is unique. The challenges they face, the obstacles they overcome, their […]

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How to Keep Autistic Students Safe at School

Mar 31, 2022

Listen to this blog (7 mins) Guest Blog Written By: Adam Coughran, Safe Kids Inc.     April 2, 2022 is […]

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How Does Digital Technology and Screen Time Impact Generation Alpha and Our Approach to School Safety?

Mar 30, 2022

Listen to this blog (7 mins) Screen time leads to increased student mental health issues, violence, sexual misbehavior, and distracted […]

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What is the Pathway to Violence?

Mar 25, 2022

Listen to this blog (2 mins) “For the most part, the folks that are going to commit catastrophic events at […]

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9 Considerations for Planning and Conducting School Safety Drills for Special Needs Students

Mar 24, 2022

Listen to this blog (5 mins) As a companion to the Especially Safe program from Safe and Sound Schools, the […]

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