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Collaboration and the right technology are key to earlier intervention

Every person plays a part in suicide prevention. Little changes in a student’s behavior, emotions, or conversations that school staff may notice are important and can alert trained personnel to a student who is struggling with their mental health. With the right software, staff can keep track of all the little behavioral changes they notice about students—enabling your district to provide the appropriate intervention sooner.

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Raptor software was built to help schools manage every stage of safety.

StudentSafe Early Intervention Software for schools

StudentSafeEarly Intervention Software

Empower staff to help students earlier.

Visitor Management System for Schools

Management System

Screen and track everyone who enters your schools.

School Emergency Management Software

Management System

Prepare for, respond to, and recover from any emergency.

Customer Success and Training

Client Success
and Training

Professional services for sustainable emergency management.

Volunteer Management System for Schools

Management System

For a streamlined process from application to reporting.

SchoolPass Attendance & Hall Pass Management

Increase attendance accuracy and save time.

SchoolPass Dismissal Management

Modern AI-Based solutions for an automated dismissal.

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