Quickly and Safely Reunify Students and Their Guardians

school reunification system
Raptor school reunification system

Eliminate Chaos

Parents want to be reunited with their children as quickly as possible following an emergency. If you are relying on paper and pencil, your reunification process can quickly descend into chaos.  With Raptor Reunification software, your reunification team can quickly confirm if the student is accounted for on-site, still at the school, or marked missing or injured—all in the Raptor mobile app.

Confidently Release Students

Connected to your student information system, Raptor helps ensure students are only reunified with approved guardians. 

  • Scan the guardian’s ID to check for status or custodial restrictions 
  • Record approved guardian signature
  • Software automatically send alerts to the student’s other guardians upon successful reunification
  • Raptor is 100% aligned with the Standard Reunification Method from The “I Love U Guys” Foundation
Raptor school reunification software
Raptor School Reunification Software - Real-Time Dashboards

Real-Time Insights

Raptor dashboards update in real time during emergencies and automatically create summary reports with a detailed history of the entire response for better after-incident debriefs.

Practice Makes Perfect

Raptor’s implementation experts work closely with your district to build a customized implementation plan and train your staff, public safety officials, and end-users, often resulting in a live-community-wide reunification event. 

Watch how Raptor collaborated with school and city staff for a parent-student reunification exercise at Midlothian ISD (TX).

What Our Customers Have to Say

"Our parents were very impressed. They saw our team checking IDs and using their mobile phones to direct the reunification. They knew that no mistakes were being made. We’ve heard nothing but positive remarks. The app brings legitimacy to the process, and the digital signature sign-off with parents really makes it official."
Weatherford Independent School District, TX
“Raptor gives our front office personnel an advantage in dealing with potentially dangerous visitors. Having the information built into the system makes a big difference. No more searching in a filing cabinet or trying to compare an unclear log entry to a printed, possibly out-of-date list. The badge stickers with the visitor’s picture—taken right from their driver’s license—are another big advantage. Students, teachers, and other staff members now have assurance that it’s OK for the visitor to be there."
Alhambra USD logo
Michael Barbara
Safety Coordinator
Alhambra (CA) USD
"When I think about our reunification process prior to Raptor, it was a lot of paper and pencils or computer spreadsheets...the Raptor Emergency Software has helped us create a more efficient system."
Midlothian school district logo
Amanda Rodgers
Principal, Dieterich Middle School
Midlothian Independent School District, TX
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Frank Kitzerow
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