What is a school reunification system and how does it work?

Raptor school reunification software

A school reunification system eliminates chaotic paper-and pencil-based methods and lets the reunification team quickly confirm the status of each student and staff member. Using software to facilitate the reunification process helps schools confidently release students to authorized guardians by screening each guardian’s information against sex offender registries and custodial databases. All this data is displayed in real-time and accessible in robust after-incident reports.

Why is a reunification system important to schools?

  • Eliminate chaotic reunifications and reunify students up to 4x faster than paper and pencil methods
  • Confidently reunify students with approved guardians by screening the guardian’s information for sex offender status and custodial restrictions
  • Record approved guardian signature and automatically send alerts to the student’s other guardians upon successful reunification
  • Have real-time insights during the reunification event
  • Align with leading K-12 reunification protocols like the Standard Reunification Method from The “I Love U Guys” Foundation
  • Automatically create summary reports with a detailed history of the entire event

How does Raptor Reunification work?

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