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Raptor Announces Support for New Florida Harm Prevention and Threat Management Model

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Raptor StudentSafe™ Enables Florida Districts to Meet State Requirement for Using the New Model

HOUSTON – Jan. 9, 2024— Raptor Technologies (Raptor), the leading provider of school safety software, announces its support for the new Florida Harm Prevention and Threat Management Model through Raptor’s patented StudentSafe platform. Designed to help schools recognize, document, support, and manage the well-being of individual students, StudentSafe provides a complete early intervention and threat assessment solution to help Florida schools meet the requirements of the new model and ensure positive student outcomes.

The Florida Harm Prevention and Threat Management Model, also known as the Florida Model, represents a significant step forward in addressing potential and real threats to schools. This model places a heightened emphasis on early intervention for individuals potentially on the pathway to violence, elevating the process from a mere “threat assessment” to a more comprehensive “threat management” approach, for example, by introducing Student Support and Management Plans.

Effective as of January 1, 2024, the new law underscores the need for continuous monitoring and intervention beyond identifying and reporting threats. Raptor StudentSafe, with its intuitive and robust platform, is designed to meet the specific requirements defined in the Florida Model. StudentSafe enables schools to capture low-level concerns, document interventions, conduct behavioral threat assessments and suicide risk assessments, efficiently manage cases, and fully implement the newly prescribed Florida model.

“StudentSafe is the first threat management product to support Florida schools in implementing the Florida Model,” said Gray Hall, CEO of Raptor Technologies. “StudentSafe empowers Florida schools to proactively address both concerning behaviors and potential threats so schools can intervene earlier, fostering a safer and more secure learning environment.”

With Raptor StudentSafe, any school staff member can log all types of concerning student behaviors in one central, secure environment for early intervention and proactive student support. The platform is fully integrated with all other Raptor products, providing faster implementation, data interoperability, and ease of use for the 3,500 Florida schools already using Raptor.

“As we transition to the new Florida Model, Raptor has proven to be an invaluable partner,” remarked Brandi Parks, Assistant Principal, South Sumter High School at Sumter County Public Schools. “Their platform’s capacity to capture minor concerns, facilitate seamless record transfers between schools, and their proactive support for the new Florida Model will expedite our compliance with the state’s updated requirements.”

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