New Technology Helps Keep Michigan Schools Safe

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LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – A wide range of visitors and volunteers can be in schools at any given second, and there’s technology districts can now install to make sure those guests aren’t possible troublemakers.

David Rogers is the chief marketing officer for Texas-based company Raptor Technologies, which helps keep schools safe. They offer software and services including their visitor management system. “When your visitors come into your school, it allows you to check them a sex offender registry,” said Rogers.

Recently, Rogers says their software helped to keep a registered sex offender, attempting to pass as a volunteer, out of Tennessee school.

It also helps keep records and notes of custody rights or if someone is banned from the campus. “We can even check in tardy students or check in and check out students going for appointments and things like that as well,” said Rogers.

Giving schools the ability to know who is on campus at any given time like parents, contractors, or volunteers. “And make sure it’s the people you want on your campus,” said Rogers. Getting this software will cost less than $700 a year per school.

Here in Michigan, about 20% of schools have already implemented raptor software. “And last year we had nearly 50 sex offenders that came through during the two school semesters 21 and 22,” said Rogers. The mid-Michigan schools that have taken advantage of this software include the Grand Ledge and Howell.

The software also comes with some training and hardware that is needed. “The scanners and the printers, because it prints out a badge for the visitor and put it on their lapel and it says what time they checked in, who they are, and then also where they’re going,” said Rogers. This allows you to question people if they are in the wrong location.

It’s also helpful if you have to account for everyone on campus during an emergency.

“We’re excited where Michigan is going in terms of school safety and we’re seeing a lot of great things coming out of the state legislature this year, and so I think we’ll continue to see the state really progress and adding more things like visitor management and emergency management to help to make schools safer for kids and for staff,” said Rogers.