New Raptor StudentSafe™ Software Brings Student Safeguarding, Earlier Interventions, and Violence Reduction to U.S. Schools

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Raptor’s new school safety software is built on a proven safeguarding solution used in the United Kingdom, providing a holistic picture of student wellbeing 

HOUSTON – June 21, 2022 – Raptor Technologies (“Raptor”), the U.S. leader in school safety software, announced Raptor StudentSafe™, a revolutionary new software platform designed to help schools recognize, document, support, and manage the wellbeing of individual students. The patent-pending software ultimately helps schools create and maintain a student focused culture that emphasizes early intervention and the application of services to drive improved outcomes for the child. 

In the wake of the 2021-22 school year that saw unprecedented student mental health challenges and violence, many school districts want solutions to proactively identify concerning student behaviors earlier. Built on a proven and advanced safeguarding technology in use in the United Kingdom for the last decade, Raptor StudentSafe enables schools to document and address low level concerns before they evolve into more significant issues or risks. The software also integrates an easy-to-use behavioral threat assessment (BTA) case management workflow for school Threat Assessment Teams. 

“As the leader in school safety software, our customers have asked us to help them respond to the growing need to identify students who may be in distress or at risk for harm or abuse,” said Gray Hall, chief executive officer, Raptor Technologies. “By providing schools with a proven safeguarding solution integrated with an advanced behavioral threat assessment workflow, schools now have the tools to proactively manage the wellbeing of every student.” 

From alerts and reminders to security and privacy, Raptor StudentSafe assists school staff with proactively safeguarding each student from harm, abuse, and distress. StudentSafe gives both schools and districts rapid insight into students’ needs, centralized communications, robust reporting, and a complete chronology of concerns, cases, and intervention plans for each student in need of support. When school and district staff have a holistic view, they are better positioned for decision making and directing resources in the best interest of students. 

“Safeguarding has become a critical tool in how UK schools address the needs of pupils, and we have seen a significant and positive impact on outcomes,” said Ann Marie Christian, UK-based safeguarding expert, speaker, and author. “Additionally, U.S. teachers and staff will feel confident that the information they report is available to the relevant professionals immediately and securely through StudentSafe.” 

With almost half of the states in the U.S. mandating schools have Threat Assessment Teams in place, Raptor StudentSafe features a robust BTA workflow supporting the leading BTA methodologies and is configurable to support any custom workflows. The advantage of providing safeguarding and BTA together in one product is that if a student crosses certain behavioral thresholds, the Threat Assessment Team is provided a well-documented chronology of concerns, including any prior interventions and results. This critical information can lead to better outcomes for the student.  

“Schools cannot wait until a small problem has grown into a crisis before they take action,” stated Dr. Dewey Cornell, professor of education at the University of Virginia. “With a comprehensive approach like StudentSafe, our school counselors, psychologists, nurses, and social workers are better equipped to identify needs for support services, taking a truly proactive approach to student safety and wellbeing.” 

Raptor StudentSafe will be available for schools and districts across the country for the 2022-2023 school year. For more information on Raptor StudentSafe, visit  

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