NASRO Journal of School Safety: Visitor Policies, COVID-19 & the New Normal


This article originally appeared on The Journal of School Safety. To view the original article, click here.

Author: Cindy Corey, Raptor Technologies

With the advent of coronavirus, the landscape of K12 education has changed dramatically, and with it, considerations regarding school safety. Specifically, keeping students and school staff safe now means not just protecting them from the real physical threats of dangerous intruders, but also shielding them as much as possible from the invisible danger of COVID-19.

As states plan for the reopening of schools, cross-functional teams comprising of leaders from across academic, operational, social emotional, health, and school safety departments have been engaging in discussions about which specific measures should be put in place to ensure the safety and health of their students and staff.

Some of the recommendations from school districts around the nation, including enhancements to visitor policies and ideas around the use of automated visitor management as a key tool, follow below. School resource officers will play a key role in supporting such recommendations and ensuring that they remain both practical and sustainable.

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