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Funding for Raptor StudentSafe™ Now Available for All Michigan Public and Charter Schools

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Section 97j Grant Funding Totaling $6 Million Now Available to Purchase Early Behavior Intervention Tools to Help Schools Proactively Identify Student Concerns and Manage Threats

HOUSTON – Dec. 18, 2023— Raptor Technologies (Raptor), the leading provider of school safety software, announces its support for Michigan’s Section 97j Early Behavior Intervention Tools grant. The grant provides $6 million in funding (approximately $1800 per school) to acquire tools dedicated to recognizing initial signs of problematic behaviors that may lead to abuse, self-harm, or violence in schools. This funding provided by the state legislature allows every public and charter school in Michigan to purchase easy-to-use tools like Raptor’s patented StudentSafe platform to help schools recognize, document, support, and manage the well-being of individual students.

StudentSafe’s intuitive and robust platform includes the ability to capture low-level concerns, document interventions, conduct behavioral threat assessments and suicide risk assessments, and manage such cases to ensure positive student outcomes. For more information on the Michigan Section 97j Early Behavior Intervention Tools Application, go HERE.

“The recent independent report on the tragedy at Oxford High School proves the critical importance of proactively identifying and addressing concerning behaviors as early as possible and emphasizes the need for tools to make sure that no student slips through the cracks,” said Dr. Amy Grosso, Director, and Expert in Residence at Raptor Technologies. “StudentSafe enables Michigan schools to rapidly provide appropriate interventions to the right students before behaviors escalate to a crisis point, quickly turning policy into action.”

Many schools in Michigan today use paper forms, spreadsheets, or ineffective software to attempt to track student behaviors. Transitioning to a digital platform like StudentSafe offers a myriad of benefits, including: 

  • Helping to capture low-level concerns, allowing for easy documentation and tracking of student behavior
  • Facilitating quick identification of patterns, which in turn enables schools to implement timely interventions designed to prevent abuse, self-harm, or violence in schools
  • Streamlining collaboration as well as the roles of school counselors, administrators, and other staff
  • Supporting consistent application of threat assessment protocols
  • Protecting sensitive data with role-based permissions and SOC 2 security and privacy compliance

“Traditional paper records create a challenge in securing sensitive student information. With StudentSafe, we can assign the specific access rights that people have. It’s secure and readily available to the approved personnel,” Liz Margolis, Executive Director of School Safety & District Operations at Ann Arbor Public School District.

For more information on Raptor StudentSafe, click HERE.

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